People share snaps of pets as they travel on public transport

Animal crossing! People share adorable snaps of creatures they’ve spotted on public transport – from a llama on a train to a kitten on a plane

  • People have been sharing adorable snaps of people’s pets on public transport
  • One snapped a raven perched on its owner’s lap on an underground train
  • Another shared a photo of a white llama on a lead in the middle of a carriage 

Commuting is largely on hold amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and while that’s welcome relief  to many, some of the quirky sights on public transport could certainly brighten up your day – especially with furry friends involved.  

From a raven perched on its owner’s lap on the train in Russia to a white fluffy llama on a lead in the middle of the carriage in Portland, Bored Panda has compiled a gallery of the best snaps of commuting creatures from around the world.

Elsewhere, plane passengers were delighted to see that there were cute creatures such as service dogs, a tiny kitten and even penguins on board.  

And one passenger in Rome even spotted a cute piglet travelling in style in its own pushchair on the train.  

Bored Panda have compiled a gallery of snaps people have taken of pets on public transport, including a white llama who got on the MAX Light Rail service in Portland on a lead

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Some day I’ll fly away! One user shared a snap of a raven perched on its owner’s knee on an underground train in Russia 

Another, from the US, shared an adorable snap of a tiny white puppy in a red neckerchief sitting on the seats opposite him on the subway 

Piggy puschair: One social media user spotted a piglet travelling in style on the subway in Rome

Centre of attention! Another user, from New York snapped a very smiley dog hanging upside down out of his owner’s backpack on the train 

One user, from an unknown location, shared a snap of their kitten leaning against the plane window and admiring the view as they remarked: ‘Kitten likes traveling’ 

Who says penguins can’t fly! Another user shared a photograph of a penguin with their ‘papps’ on the plane he was flying, taking them from Atlanta to New York for a film premiere

Keeping his feet off the seat! One dog was spotted getting comfortable on the London Overground, as it perched its bottom on the seat and left its hind legs dangling while its front legs were firmly placed one the floor 

One user shared an adorable snap of a cat who had ‘its own seat’ on a three-hour train ride in Spain and said: ‘It sat so nicely for the whole time’ 

Brightening up your journey! The person who took this photos had a service dog named Panda smiling at her for an entire plane ride

Another user, believed to be from the US, enjoyed a nice flight after a smiling dog with a blanket on its head made it ‘much more enjoyable’ and said the dog was ‘so happy to fly’ 

Dog tired! A sleepy rescue dog having a nap on its very own seat on a ferry as it travels to its forever home  

Cat nap! Another user, believed to be from the US, shared a snap of a snoozing cat, saying he was ‘using up two seats like he owns the train or something’

Feathered friend: One user, believed to be from the US, spotted a lady with her ‘pet duck’ in a lead on the metro as she stood by the door waiting to disembark

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