People reveal the things they think should NOT exist

Who gave this the green light? People reveal the ‘stuff that shouldn’t exist’ in hilarious Twitter thread – from canned BREAD to eyelashes for car headlights

  • Twitter users from across globe have shared things they think shouldn’t exist
  • Among some of the responses included carpeted bathrooms and canned bread
  • One replied with sequin pillow which reveals Nicholas Cage’s face when swiped  

While we would all love to live in a harmonious world, there are just some things that simply divide society. 

Social media users from across the world have taken to Twitter under the #StuffThatShouldNotExist to share some of the random things they wish had never been invented. 

Among some of the other responses include eyelashes that can be stuck on a car’s headlights, carpeted bathrooms and tinned bread. 

Elsewhere, one person decided to get a little more specific and slammed a sequin pillow which reveals Nicholas Cage’s face when swiped in the opposite direction.

Social media users have been sharing ‘stuff that should not exist’ in a hilarious Twitter thread – including one person, from Chicago, who slammed carpeted bathrooms

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Another user, from San Francisco, complained about the whole chicken that comes in a can of chicken broth

In a similar vein, one person, from an unknown location, complained about the concept of canned bread

Another person, from an unknown location, slammed a sequin cushion which you can swipe to reveal Nicholas Cage’s face

Someone else, from an unknown location, took offense from the ‘eyelashes’ that are available to stick on a car’s headlights

AnotherTwitter user, from Atlanta, said that carrier cases which allow you to carry your dog like a cross body bag shouldn’t exist 

Someone else, from San Diego, shared a snap of a beach covered in waste and said that plastic should be banished 

Meanwhile, another user, believed to be from the US, shared an image of a car with LED headlights, which they said are basically ‘blinding’

Another, from Minnesota, said that food-flavored soda should not exist – including those which taste like pumpkin pie, peanut butter & jelly, ranch dressing, sweetcorn, bacon and buffalo wings 

Another Twitter user, from an unknown location, added that shoes which act like trousers ‘should not exist’ 

Someone else, from Alabama, said that the food container with a black bottom and clear lid should never have been invented because the ‘entire world can hear you opening’ it 

Another, believed to be from the US, said that hair combs which look like teeth and gum should not exist

Crocs have always been a controversial choice of footwear, but one user, from an unknown location, said that high-heeled crocs were even more offensive than the originals 

Another user, from the US, shared a picture of ‘picnic pants’ which feature extra fabric between the legs to make a table wherever you sit, so that you’re always ready for a picnic 

Another user, from Minnesota, shared a photo of a cuddly toy and said that stuffed animals which ‘give children nightmares’ should be banned

Another Twitter user, from Seattle, shared a snap of a set of earrings which looked like fake teeth and told how they wish they’d never existed 

Another, from Michigan, said that candy floss-flavored foods such as pizza shouldn’t exist – and that the sweet stuff should be left for desserts

Keeping it simple, another user, from an unknown location, slammed bicycle seats because they ‘hurt so much’

Another user, from an unknown location, added the Heinz Baked Beans Pizza to the list, saying it was one ‘of the most cursed things they’ve ever come across’

Someone else, from Ohio, said the blue maple syrup shouldn’t exist, despite how ‘fun’ it is (pictured)

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