People Have Made An Acronym To Express Joy Of Missing Out On Things

FOMO or the fear of missing out is so yesterday. JOMO is taking over and to be honest it sounds a lot more fun than FOMO.

PureWow was the first to unveil JOMO, which is the joy of missing out. Unlike FOMO there is no fear or sadness that you are missing out on some fantastic moment in time. Instead, there is joy and happiness that you are doing what you want and missing out on an activity. Better yet, you are completely satisfied with your decision.

Let’s be real JOMO sounds a heck of a lot more up our alley than FOMO. It is as though you are giving yourself permission to stay home in your sweats and not feel guilty. There is nothing wrong with spending some quality time alone and liking it.

The new JOMO is not merely about missing an event or gathering or staying in as opposed to going out. It can also be when you take a break from social media to veg out or shut off your phone while you are binge watching a good TV show.

Social media is a crucial factor in JOMO and tuning it out can be so helpful in achieving this goal. The next time you are chilling by yourself shut down social media and bask in the glowing of enjoying your time alone.

The thing is JOMO doesn’t have to be about spending time alone necessarily, it is really about being happy with missing out on something because you are enjoying something else. There are so many times we feel obligated to attend a party or event or even join our friends for happy hour when what we really want is to chill at home.

The joy of missing out has not quite caught on with everyone yet because well people are still so wrapped up in fear of missing out. Here is hoping that JOMO will catch on in the New Year and people will stop leaving their life in fear. Spend your days being joyful and enjoying your life the way you want to, instead of feeling obligated.

What do you think about JOMO? Will it force FOMO out of the picture?

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