People disgusted at how McDonald’s onions are made – they aren’t fresh

McDonald’s is loved by many people globally for their cheap bites and classic Big Mac recipe.

But fans have been left disgusted after an employee has exposed how the fast food chain makes their onions.

And, shock horror – they are not fresh.

An American based staff member has dished the dirt on how McDonald’s onions are prepared – with no knife or chopping board in sight.

The onions actually come dehydrated in a packet, in which they resemble a crisp-like consistency.

The employee demonstrated on TikTok how he gets the dried onions ready to be served in the budget friendly meals.

He first pours the McDonald’s onions into a white container and then fills it with tap water.

After this, the fast food employee puts a lid on the pot and leaves the now soaked onions in the fridge for two hours.

He then reveals the onions floating in the water after spending time in the confines of the fridge and drains the excess water out.

The diced onions have now been rehydrated and ready to serve in their much loved burgers.

Who knew!

Since being posted, the insightful video has racked up 1.9 million views and endless comments from shocked fast food punters.

One person slammed: “Of all the fast food expose videos this one crossed the line for me, I really thought y’all got packaged fresh diced onions or something.”

Another person added: “Astronauts get better food.”

A a third person chuckled: “That’s oatmeal my boy.”

Someone else admitted: “I don’t think I’m ever eating at McDonald’s again now.”

However, others were able to look past the dried onions.

One person voiced: “I really don’t care how these are made because they are so good.”

As this user declared: “I love these onions! I always ask for extra.”

And, another person expressed: “Probably an unpopular opinion but I LOVE McDonald’s onions.”

The Daily Star has contacted McDonald's for comment.

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