Paging dog owners: You can get your dog leggings for Christmas

You’re not the only one who wants to wear leggings all winter!

Dog leggings are a paw-some gift for your furry friend. Not only are they adorable, but they’ll prevent your pup’s paws from freezing.

Lisa Baronoff, a New Yorker, came up with idea of dog leggings after seeing dogs walk down the city streets. She observed that they’d pound the not-so-clean pavement all day then hop into bed with their owners at night. Can you say gross?

That’s where her company Walkee Paws was born. Baranoff wanted to create a product that, unlike traditional dog booties, was comfortable for dogs and didn’t fall off. She thought about how popular athleisure was for women, put her dog’s paws inside her black pantyhose and thought this just might work.

In two years, they’ve become the best-selling dog booty on Amazon. Baronoff says they’re perfect for dogs because they’re comfortable, don’t fall off and maintain the animal’s circulation. She also says they’re perfect for pet owners because they’re easy to wash and help keep your house clean.

You can find some of our favorite designs below:

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Christmas Dog Bandanas] dealName=[Price] imageUrl=[] imageCredit=[Amazon] productUrl=[] priceType=[exact] validity=[12/12/2018] articleContent=[One pack includes 2 bandanas in different color as shown in picture, alternative for easy recurrent laundry. Help to groom your pet and prevent them from drooling on the floor.] originalPrice=[$8.99]/>

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