Our greedy landlord charges £110 per MONTH just to park outside our flat – I leave my car 18 miles away to avoid it | The Sun

RESIDENTS have been left outraged after their landlord charged them £110 per month just to park outside their flat.

Those who live in the luxury block of 158 apartments have seen their car parking rise from £80 per month to £110 since the start of the pandemic.

And one driver in the Manchester city centre block leaves his car 18 miles away in Knutsford, Cheshire, to avoid the exorbitant parking costs.

The enormous car parking hikes have been brought in by Manchester Life owners of the flats with 82 car parking spaces in Sawmill Court, Ancoats, Manchester.

As The Sun team were chatting to a pensioner couple appalled by the sky-high parking charges, we were asked to leave the grounds of Sawmill Court by a group of Manchester Life staff, who refused to discuss the parking pricing.

Yasmin Mahmood, 66, and her retired businessman husband Nayyer, 76, told how they requested a meeting with block management after being told of the upcoming price rise next month.

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Yasmin said: "We live on a fixed income and have been here three years, with the parking going up from £80 to £110 in that time.

"The latest price rise from £95 to £110 is more than 16 per cent and almost double the rate of inflation.

"Every year there is a rise and that is wrong. We asked for an appointment to discuss this, but were told there was no negotiation.

"The parking charges have gone up by more than 25 per cent since we’ve been here, that’s appalling. People like us are on a fixed income."

Another resident Sam, 27, who declined to give his surname, but works as a freelance song writer and tax consultant said: "I park my car at my parent’s house in Knutsford and when I need it for work I go there to collect it.

"It’s got to the point, where any sensible person simply wouldn’t pay it.

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"The prices they are charging are exorbitant – I’d say £50 a month on top of the rent would be very fair, but they want more than double that."

Personal trainers Adam North, 26, and James Warrilow, 24, are also outraged at the leap in parking charges.

Adam said: "It’s just not justifiable – it’s way beyond the rate of inflation and we understand it’s happening every year.

"There are people who were paying £80 for parking when they moved in and a couple of years on it’s up to £110. How can that be fair?’

James added: "It’s way above the rate of inflation, so it’s understandable that people are outraged about it.’

And tattooist Dom Gold, 28, said: "I pay £1,600 per month for my two bedroom apartment, but nothing in Sawmill Court is what it should be.

"They even charge a fiver a month for parking a bike, but when I moved in the washing machine and dishwasher were not working.

"The car parking I simply won’t pay and park on Jersey Street in a public car park that is £3 for 24 hours and that works out cheaper.

"The public car park even has CCTV that works.

"It’s coming to something when public car parks are cheaper than parking at your own flat and it’s equidistance away from my apartment."

Accountant Gabriela Farcas, 54, is another appalled by the seemingly random price hikes at the premises.

Gabriela said: "It’s steep – it isn’t keeping up with inflation, which is 9.1% this is far greater – very steep indeed.

"That’s £30 in two years, so if it goes up again I will probably have to reconsider my tenancy.’

The leap in pricing comes amid a cost of living crisis that has seen fuel prices rise close to £2 a litre and electricity and gas hikes that are hitting people hard.

Another tenant shocked by the jump in parking charges is David Loughbrough, who said: “What’s the justification?

“I’m writing a letter asking Manchester Life how they will invest the money and if they will invest in electric car charging spots. I am going to write to the council local MP.

“This company might have a glossy product on the outside, but on the inside they do not care. The council tax rebate we have got has gone straight to their pockets.”

Will Caspari, who moved into his flat in June of last year, is equally appalled and said: "My salary is not going up. To add £500 to that cost of living is not something you expect.

"If they said they had done something to improve the car park that would be different.

“The issue with these new builds in popular areas like Ancoats is that they feel unstoppable because they will be able to fill the flats so they will take every last penny out with the current residents."

A spokesman for block owners Manchester Life said: "Manchester Life reviews and adjusts all car park charges annually to ensure we are competitive to the market, offer good value to our residents, and reflect any changes to car park administration and maintenance costs."

The price hikes were implemented as follows: On 1st July 2021, charges increased from £85 to £95 per month, then on 1st August 2022, charges will increase from £95 to £110, which residents have been notified of.

The owners claim that they benchmark against the neighbourhood and city centre market to ensure they are competitive.

They also claim they adjust charges annually to reflect their administrative and maintenance costs.

They claim that Sawmill Court is competitive on a monthly charge basis at £110 per month, citing the following charges for parking nearby:

Northern Group lists £135 per calendar month (further discounted if you pay 12 months in advance).

Angel Gardens £150 per calendar month.

Slate Yard is £150 per calendar month. (Discounted rate for nearby NCP)

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Broadside lists £175 per calendar month.

They say that the £110 works out at £3.66 per day and that is favourable compared to NCP season ticket rates ranging from £900 to £2,055 per annum in Manchester.

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