OnlyFans model horrified after spotting woman ‘taking a photo of her’ sunbathing

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An OnlyFans model has shamed a beach-goer for allegedly taking a photo of her butt when she was sunbathing.

Eliza Rose Watson posted on TikTok and left viewers feeling jealous of the woman who "took the snap" of her derrière.

"I mean, fair play to her. Has she got a better angle?" the 31-year-old asked.

Donning a minuscule red bikini, Eliza lies on a sun lounger and leaves her lower body hanging off the chair.

While she is trying to take a video of herself, she notices a woman secretly taking her phone up as if she's taking pictures of her.

The model mocked the sun-worshipper and said "Don't mind me, just texting my friend. I swear I'm just chilling. Let me do me."

The closer she zooms in on her, it appears that the woman is pointing the phone camera at her bottom and snapping a picture from far.

The video drove Eliza's fans crazy and called the woman a "lucky winner".

One said: "You can't blame her in fairness. She is just admiring the stunning view."

"She does have the best angle," another joked while a third admitted: "I don't condone taking pictures of here but obviously we are all a little weak with a body like that."

Some guessed Eliza was "enjoying the attention" secretly but she didn't think the woman was one of the fans.

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"My brain likes to think she saw an innocent woman getting her tan on but she, more likely, would have been giving me a virtual middle finger to the way ‘kids’ act today," she said, according to the Sun.

"I felt like my space was a little bit invaded, however she was within her rights to take the photo or film.

"After realising what had happened, I actually wanted to track her down because she probably got a better photo than me!"

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