OnlyFans babe likes people who ‘aren’t good looking’ – especially ‘balding’ lads

An OnlyFans model has opened up about her dating preferences, and admitted she often fancies men and women who are not conventionally attractive.

Rosa Acosta has racked up 1.6million followers on Instagram through her modelling work, and also offers access to exclusive content on her OnlyFans account, which requires followers to pay a rolling subscription fee.

In her personal romantic life, Rosa has reportedly dated Rob Kardashian, and in a recent appearance on the Inside OnlyFans podcast, the model revealed that she is bisexual and lifted the lid about her unconventional taste in partners.

“With women, I’m not looking for the way you look. It’s more [about] chemistry, there’s something that you just can’t explain,” she admitted.

“I mean, I like people that I’m like, ‘clearly you are not good looking but there’s something about you I really like and I can’t shake it’.

“And the same thing with women, I think that they all have been beautiful but I also kind of like being attracted to women that maybe you might not think are so, so beautiful.”

Rosa is a self-confessed fitness fanatic, often showing off her six pack in bikini pictures online. But, she admitted that she often finds herself attracted to older men who don’t maintain such a sharp appearance.

“When you are with a guy it’s like, ‘he’s like a teddy bear, he’s so cute, I love to sleep on his belly’. Then after you’re like, ‘you’re disgusting with your big ass belly’,” she laughed.

“Actually when it comes to men, for me [I like them to be] fifty plus… When I was 25 I was dating a 59-year-old."

Rosa went on to describe how this had been a cultural norm growing up, with her dad 18 years older than her mum.

And, with good news for those fretting about receding hairlines, the adult model even suggested that this meant she liked older men to look their age too.

“You know what I like? I love when they’re not bald yet but about to be. It’s like right before, hear me out, this is really sexy, it’s like a couple of hairs start falling and they have to do the little swoop to cover it,” she said.

“I’m looking at that swoop like, ‘daddy, you are on your way down, let’s do it’.”

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