Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin Reveals Why It’s ‘Easier’ To Date An Athlete

Nastia Liukin has learned a lot from her broken engagement and is opening up to HL about why things are different this time around with Sam Martin!

Nastia Liukin, 29, has had quite the packed life, and she’s not even 30 yet! After getting engaged and then called it quits with her now ex, Matt Lombardi, the Olympic gymnast learned a lot of major lessons when it comes to love. With her new boyfriend Sam Martin, 29, by her side, she’s seen how much easier this relationship is just by his profession alone! “We are really in sync since we both have that “athlete mentality,” and it makes it really easy for us to lean on one another when we’ve had a bad or stressful day or he’s had a tough practice,” Nastia told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I’ve been there and totally know what he’s going through. He understands the demands of my travel schedule, as I do with his. We just really push each other to be the best version and ourselves.”

On top of coaching and commentating, Nastia has been traveling to Detroit to see the Detroit Lions punter as much as she possibly can, which she admits can be quite the balancing act. “I’ve been visiting Detroit a lot in between all the traveling I’ve been doing for work, and I love the city,” Nastia admitted. “We have so much fun together and Sam is incredibly supportive of everything I do. I’m really in a happy place and time in my life, and I’m excited to be living life with someone that makes me happy. During his off-season, we traveled a lot and spent time in L.A. and Florida with family and friends.”

Nastia, who will be commentating during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, has been hard at work on her Celery Green Cream with Volition Beauty. “Beauty and skincare have always been important to me and growing up as a competitive gymnast, I made wellness and living a healthy lifestyle a big priority,” Nastia said. “My mom was actually the inspiration for this product! Every morning growing up, as part of my training routine, she would make me a celery juice. I saw so many benefits! It helped my digestion and aided in restoring my overall health. After more than a year working closely with Volition’s labs and chemists, we perfected Celery Green Cream – a super hydrating moisturizer that also smooths skin and minimizes pores.”

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