Olivia Rodrigo Explains 'Man Crush Monday' to Dr. Fauci

“If ‘Man Crush Monday’ makes you get vaccinated, go for it!” Fauci said.

Olivia Rodrigo and Dr. Anthony Fauci want you to know that the Fauci Ouchie is “good 4 u.”

In a video shared to the White House’s social media accounts on Friday, the 18-year-old singer and America’s leading infectious disease expert sat down to read some fan tweets, with the majority relating to Covid-19 vaccines.

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“‘Somebody said Olivia RodriGO to the vaccine clinic,'” Rodrigo said, reading a tweet. “Very true. All of the funny puns, as long as you’re getting vaccinated. That’s great. Whatever it takes.”

A couple of the Fauci fan tweets even referenced Fauci bobbleheads and prayer candles.

“I need like a Fauci candle and a Fauci bobblehead right next to each other,” Rodrigo said.

However, the best moment came when Fauci read a tweet from a fan who had given him a shoutout for “Man Crush Monday.”

“‘Happy man crush Monday to this hero. Thank you, Dr. Fauci for all your hard work. We appreciate your intelligence, honest[y], bravery, and compassion. We love you,'” Fauci said, reciting the post.

“Well, that’s very nice to say that,” he added, before someone off camera asked the scientist if he knew what “Man Crush Monday” was. After Fauci admitted that he had “no idea” what it meant, Rodrigo explained the social media trend.

“‘Man Crush Monday’ is just like on Mondays, people like post a picture of their boyfriends and be like, ‘Ah, Man Crush Monday. This is why I love you,'” she told Fauci. “So it’s a big compliment.”

“Alright, well, whatever it takes. If ‘Man Crush Monday’ makes you get vaccinated, go for it!” Fauci said, adding a thumbs up.

Meanwhile, one of the tweets directed at Rodrigo prompted Fauci to share some information about some possible side effects of the vaccine.

In the tweet, a user wondered if her chills were a result of getting her second dose of the vaccine or from listening to Rodrigo’s song, “deja vu” on repeat.

“Well, that person brings up good point that I think we should let people know,” Fauci explained. “When you get vaccinated. If you get particularly the two-dose vaccine after the second dose, you can sometimes feel fatigued, maybe a little chilly. That’s a good thing because when your body has that reaction, that means your immune system is revving up and making a really good response against the virus.”

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Rodrigo said she felt those “same” side effects after her second shot. “I just took a little nap and I was fine a couple [of] hours later,” she said.

Another fan tweet read, “Got home at 4:00 AM from seeing friends, currently singing Olivia Rodrigo brushing my hair in the bathroom mirror. shout out to vaccines for real.”

“The sooner all of us get vaccines,” Rodrigo said in reply, “the sooner we can hang out with our friends and sing songs and all of the fun things.”

See Rodrigo and Fauci read more tweets, including some about concerts, in the video, above!

The “HSMTMTS” star visited the White House on Wednesday to encourage young people to get the Covid-19 vaccine. In addition to Fauci, the “driver’s license” singer also met with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Rodrigo also delivered brief remarks in the White House briefing room and recorded videos as part of the Biden administration’s effort to convince young people to get their shots.

As of July 16, in the U.S., 48.3 percent of the population, or 160.4 million people, are fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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