Obese man turns hot model after losing 12st & covering scars in £21k of tattoos

A man celebrated his dramatic weight loss by covering himself in £21,500 worth of tattoos.

Kevin Creekman, from Los Angeles, USA, used to weight 23st 8lb when he was a teenager.

But when he turned 18, the super-slimmer made it his mission to slim down.

He cut down on his carb intake and stopped binging on sweet treats, deciding to stick to small portions and a 1,500 calorie-per-day diet instead.

The 32-year-old recalled: "I actually have a degree in social work but I still think it's difficult to pinpoint one reason on why I gained weight in my youth.

"I was overweight from a young age and I think there's several contributing factors. I loved food with a high calorie content and was fairly isolated socially. I also think there's a genetic component that makes it easier for me to gain weight.”

He added: "I radically changed my nutrition – no carbs or any sweets. I also kept the portions very small for a whole year. I started doing sports too."

Kevin’s hard work paid off as he shed 12st 8lbs and underwent skin removal surgery in 2014.

But while felt more confident about his hunky new look, he wanted to cover scars left behind by the op so decided to ink his entire body.

The tattoo fan, who already had body art on his arms and chest, got a skull design on his stomach to cover his tummy-tuck scar.

He’s been hooked ever since then, spending £21,500 and 250 hours under the needle to add to his vast collection of ink.

Kevin said: "After my skin removal surgery, I was left with scars and I was tired of explaining to people what happened because I couldn't hide them.

"The first tattoo I had after my surgery was a big skull that hides my tummy-tuck scar.

"I can't count how many I've had since then. I always planned to cover whole body parts so it's hard to tell where one tattoo starts and the next one stops.

"My back-piece took the longest. It goes from my neck to my knees and had to be done over twelve five-hour sessions.”

Despite being critical of his appearance at times, Kevin exudes confidence nowadays and has even made it as a model.

Kevin, who also works as an actor musician and social media creator, said: "I used to suppress and distract myself from most of my thoughts about my body.

"Now, I'm actually much more aware and critical but I try to be the best version of myself every day.

"I have the confidence now to step out and show myself to the world which I never had before.

"Whether it's the tattoos or the newfound confidence, I've definitely had a better dating experience with more tattoos and more life experience.

“For people who don't like tattoos, I might be way too edgy but I'd say most women find heavily tattooed men definitely more attractive.”

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He added: "I have a lovely and respectful community of people supporting me online. They appreciate my tattoos even if they're not a fan of tattoos in general.

"I get the occasional nasty comment but they're very rare.

"My tattoo projects are pretty much done now but I'm excited to start expanding my other businesses. I'm soon going to play my first tour as a musician and I have my first acting gig in a feature film this year.

"I think the most important thing is, just do whatever makes you happy."

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