NYPD Manhunt Over As Couple Who Lost Engagement Ring During Proposal Is Found

NYPD’s social media campaign to find the couple whose engagement ring went down a sidewalk grate during the proposal is a success!

It looks like some members of the New York City Police Department have a romantic side, as they embarked on a manhunt where the only crime for the perpetrators was love. A marriage proposal in New York City’s Time Square is something you’ll remember the rest of your life.

This couple now has extenuating circumstances to their proposal which will certainly remain within their family history for decades to come. While the man’s intention was to propose to his loved one while standing in Times Square, it was what he was standing on at the time that proved problematic.

It seems this unnamed couple was visiting New York City when the man got down on one knee to propose to the woman. The closed circuit security cameras in the area caught most of the event on video. You can see the man get down on his knee, but then something happens.

It looks as if he is fishing for something he lost. Furthermore, he’s on top of a sidewalk grate which is just one big black hole once you get past those metal bars. The woman is seen putting her hands over her eyes when she realizes what happened.

Her marriage proposal was supposed to come with a ring but that ring has fallen into that grate. Next, you see the man and the woman both on the ground with the man attempting to get something inside that sidewalk grate but it’s out of his reach. The video was shared by the NYPD on Twitter, which is seen on the CCTV footage below.

While you don’t actually see the proposal, you do see much of the aftermath with that lost engagement ring causing much frustration to the couple. They finally give up and walk away. A few NYPD officers didn’t give up hope and after seeing the scene on the video from the city’s CCTV they went to work, according to the BBC.

With all the right tools, NYPD Special Ops officers rescued the dropped ring and even cleaned it so it was back to its original sparkling shine. Not knowing who this couple was or even where they were from, they started a manhunt campaign across social media.

NYPD posted a picture of the ring along with the video, as they hoped someone would recognize the couple. It seems that social media rose to the occasion once again. The couple was located and the NYPD learned that they were from the U.K. and had already returned back home.

Arrangements are being made to get that ring back to the woman. It is now rightfully hers as she did say “yes,” despite the ring getting away from her future groom. NYPD thanked all those who spread the word when they reported their mission was accomplished today.

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