Newsies at Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre review

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The newsboys were largely homeless orphans who scraped a living selling paper on the mean streets of New York City. When newspaper tycoon Joseph Pulitzer (Cameron Blakely) increases the cost of the papers, the children set up a union and go on strike.

The hangar-like interior of the Troubadour is transformed into a Bowery tenement where the action explodes onto the stage as the young athletic cast members dance, sing, leap and perform circus stunts like a well-drilled army.

Alan Menken and Jack Feldman’s songs range from the serviceable to the sublime – the tap-dancing/aerial ballet of ‘King of New York’ is outstanding – but it is director Matt Cole’s blistering choreography that sells the show.

Michael Ahomka-Lindsay, Matthew Duckett and Bronté Barbé as journalist-with-a-secret Katherine lead a huge cast of performers with seemingly infinite energy.

Newsies at Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre until February 19 2023 Tickets:

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