‘Neighbours turned up at my door and expected food – now they think I’m rude’

Inviting guests round and having to feed them can be stressful.

But what's even worse is unexpected guests turning up on your doorstep and expecting to be fed.

This happened to a Reddit user's parents, who were branded “rude” by neighbours that popped in without notice and expected food.

The original poster titled the controversial topic: “Is it 'rude' not to offer guests food in the UK?”

They explained in the post that their parents were not aware that they had to provide food to guests, even unexpected ones.

The Redditor explained: “My parents got b**ched out last week. The neighbours dropped in unexpectedly. My parents and the neighbours had a good time, talking about their kids, their pets, etc.”

They continued: “But when we next saw them, those same people literally b**ched us out for being 'disrespectful' and 'not hospitable', because my parents didn't offer food.

“My parents were left shocked at this, because they didn't really understand they absolutely had to.

“They did offer tea and coffee though.”

People rushed to the comments to defend the parents and believed that the neighbours were the rude ones to expect food.

One user commented: “I'd say the neighbours dropping by unexpectedly expecting to be fed and then moaning when they weren't are the rude ones.”

Another person added: “Yes I agree. If you want food in my home, you better tell me beforehand. And maybe even be prepared to pay, if it’s an expensive thing to make.”

A third user noted:“If someone drops by unexpectedly they’re lucky if I open the door, let alone cook them a f***ing meal.”

Meanwhile, another stated: “Tea and coffee is British standard, if there's biscuits and or cake so much the better, but I don't think food is a must when people pop over unless you invited them for lunch."

Another agreed:: “Tea and biscuits for a drop in visit is required. Anything else is a bonus.”

And a third said: “Random pop rounds shouldn’t expect anything. They shouldn’t even expect entry into the house, let alone tea and coffee. I might be busy.”

Let us know in the comments if you think it is rude to not offer guests food!

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