‘My mum’s a sex tourist having wild sex with bumsters from African beaches’

Mum is a sex tourist, and I can’t respect her for it.

Before the pandemic she took several trips to Africa where she frolicked with the beach boys known as bumsters. She came home boasting of great sex and wild times. I turned the other cheek.

However, during 2020 she got very ill. I nursed her. One afternoon I told her that I didn’t approve of her holiday choices.

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She was vulnerable and weak, and she wept. She said she was sorry, that she’d seen the error of her ways and would never embarrass me again.

Guess what? She’s just booked another trip. I feel let down and stupid.

She says it’s “just a bit of fun” and I should get over myself but I’m furious.

What is it with her?

JANE SAYS: It sounds like your misguided mother is addicted to the thrill of attention.

Every time she goes on one of her tawdry holidays she’s adored. She feels young and free again.

You’ve said your bit and made your feelings known, now it’s up to her how she proceeds. She’s the one who must examine her conscience regarding exploitation,
respect for others and her sexual health.

Could you ask her one last time, in the spirit of family love and responsibility, to reconsider for the sake of your relationship?

If she refuses to listen to you, or other family members, then this is on her.

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