My daughter says that her stepfather, my husband, can’t go to her wedding

DEAR DEIDRE: NOW my daughter can only have 15 people at her wedding next month she says that her stepfather – my husband – can’t go. He says I should refuse to go.

My daughter is 29. She has cancelled her big day once already, so she is determined to go ahead this time.

Her dad was abusive and was quickly out of our lives. I got together with my husband when my daughter was 14.

They have never got on but they could have avoided one another if the wedding had been able to go ahead as originally planned, with lots of guests.

Now she says she has lots of friends more important to her.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It might be that your daughter projects difficult feelings around her biological father on to your husband, but of course you should go to her wedding.

Ask your husband to accept that it is the bride and groom’s choice who is invited to the day.

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