My dad threatened me and won’t let me come out as gay – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: RECENTLY, my dad pushed me up against a wall by the throat to make me deny that I’m gay.

I am a 17-year-old male. I’ve known I’m gay since I was 14. I told my mum.

She then told my dad and they didn’t speak to me for a few days.

Dad then became violent towards me.

His attack forced me back into the closet.

I have had a couple of relationships but they ended because I’ve had to keep them hidden from my parents.

I have no energy to keep denying my sexuality.

I want to tell my homophobic family the truth but I don’t know how.

DEIDRE SAYS: How grim. I’m afraid bullies pick on anyone they think is different because they’re so insecure about themselves.

You don’t have to feel so isolated. Talk it through with FFLAG – Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (, 0845 652 0311).

They have a downloadable booklet about coming out to your parents.

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