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AN Instagram model has undergone life-changing breast reduction surgery after enduring years of harassment from strangers.

Kaeleen Stammers, from London, dropped six cup sizes to a 34F after the gruelling three-hour operation, which saw private doctors remove 2.6kg (5.7lbs) of tissue from her boobs. 

"It wasn’t until afterwards that I realised I was able to breath properly and expand my lungs for what felt like the first time ever," the 24-year-old explained.

Kaeleen's 34 KK breasts were "crushing" her body and left her constantly tired and in pain.

The tight bras would dig into her shoulders, rib cage and sides, sometimes cut into her skin.

To make matters worse, her boobs brought with them unwanted attention from strangers in the street.

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"Men would stare all day, every day, and on occasion tut because they thought I had gotten ridiculous implants," she said.

“Women also gave me dirty looks and clutched their partner’s hand and searched their eyes to make sure they weren’t looking at me.

“I started wearing baggy clothes so I wouldn’t make them feel insecure or welcome a male gaze," she added.

Kaeleen said her large breasts were a "daily struggle", yet she was rejected by the NHS for surgery because her BMI was too high.

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Desperate to make a change, the model spent £7,800 on private surgery – and is over the moon with her new look.

“Now I feel completely and entirely free to express myself through fashion each day, I'm always excited to try new clothing and see how it falls on my new figure," she explained.

Kaeleen is excited about the future, no longer having to avoid social gatherings for worries that people will stare at her chest.

She said: “Before the surgery, I would dread any social events, especially during summer because I would be swelteringly hot, my inner arms getting shredded by my side boob and scratchy bra.

“I feel like I have a new lease on life and don't have to second-guess my hopes, dreams, desires and capability of doing mundane things.”

Kaeleen has since taken to TikTok to share her journey and encourage others who are considering a reduction to "not wait too long".

“It will be the best decision you have ever made," she said.

"Join breast reduction communities on Facebook and other places to understand more about the tops and tricks to healing well.

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She added: "Every person I've seen wished they'd done it years before, in their prime years.

“Your body will look, feel and change drastically after the operation but go with the flow and the process!”

What does breast reduction surgery involve?

The surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic and will typically involve the following process:

  1. moving the nipple to its new position, typically while it is still attached to the blood supply
  2. removing excess fat, skin and glandular tissue from the breast
  3. reshaping the remaining tissue in the breast

The operation typically takes between 90 minutes and four hours and most women are left with a scar around the nipple or along the breast crease.

Recovery takes two to six weeks and you should avoid strenuous exercise for six weeks after the operation.

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