Mrs Hinch fan reveals super simple 27p item that removes stains

Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips have brushed off on her fans, it seems, after many of them have been spotted giving their own spotless advice for mums in need – even offering up purse-friendly options.

When a member from Facebook group Mrs Hinch’s Cleaning tips and tricks asked for help after finding themselves in a bloody mishap unexpectedly, a cheap and easy solution was quickly suggested – and would set back the mother as little as 27p.

“Help! My little boy has stuck his finger up my nose causing a bloody nosebleed and it’s gone all over my pillow before I could stop it,” the follower wrote.

'What’s the quickest way to remove blood please?''

And without hesitation, several members came to the rescue with a sure fire way to get rid of blood stains efficiently at a low cost.

Encouraging the user to ditch pricey cleaning products, it was suggested that the best thing for the stain was two items everybody most likely already owns in their kitchen — salt and water.

''Salt and cold water, my mum swears by it. My nephew had a huge nose bleed and it went all down his shirt,'' one user wrote.

''My mum used salt and water and it came right out.''

''Salt and cold water mixture," a second cleaning enthusiast commented.

“Then in circular motions with a sponge the stains should rub off. Got a tonne of blood off my son’s clothing.”

Another person agreed with this tip as they added: ''Use cold water with some salt. I was sceptical at first, but the stain disappears instantly.''

Several other members of the Facebook group vouched for the more than affordable blood-cleaning combination in the comment section, as it was recommended to be used to wipe away any type of blood stain on sheets, including period leaks.

A 750g bottle of salt is priced at a mere 27p at Asda for those wishing to try out the handy hack, and the item is sold for just 2p more at 29p at Morrisons, providing another cheap option to banish blood from sheets in no time.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, has built quite the fanbase since she began giving out cleaning tips on social media back in 2018, having amassed 4.5 million Instagram followers in the space of a few short years.

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