Morrisons shopper’s clever salad bar hack bags you cheaper cheese

A bargain hunter has shared her clever hack for bagging cheese on the cheap at Morrisons – and shoppers are loving it.

After all, while cheese makes everything more delicious, from toast to pasta, it can be expensive.

Especially, if you’re strapped for time and prefer to use pre-grated cheese to speed things up.

A 250g bag of Morrisons Mild Grated Cheddar costs £2 – but there’s a cheaper way to buy it. And, it’s all thanks to the supermarket’s salad bar.

If you keep an eye out you’ll spot that the salad bar sometimes has half price deals.

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When this occurs you should choose one of the large salad boxes and stuff it full of grated cheese.

Do this and you’ll end up paying just £1.87 for as much of the dairy product as you can pack into the box.

Savvy shopper Jo posted the hack on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

The group is known for sharing handy money-saving hacks for people who love a good bargain buy.

She explained: "Half price large salad boxes at morrisons £1.87 so I filled mine with cheese."

Thousands of people liked the hack with many saying it was a clever savings technique.

One person wrote: “Cheap cheese, love the idea!"

“I filled mine with more expensive things like the beetroot pickle and coleslaw – thought I had a bargain,” added another.

“Clearly not!"

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While another wrote: “I do the same but with olives."

But, some posters thought Jo could’ve squidged even more cheese into the container.

We suppose it depends on how far you’re willing to go for a bargain!

Meanwhile, you can use your bargain cheese to make this chef's delicious macaroni cheese topped with something extra special.

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