Model creates seven dating profiles to see if blondes or brunettes have more fun

A model who used seven different looks in two weeks on dating apps discovered brunettes – not blondes – have more fun.

Hayley Leeanna, 36, had met men on a dating site for years with varying success and could never work out which look potential partners liked most.

So she conducted an experiment, adopting seven different profiles; including the Gym Bunny, the Busty Brunette, and the Bubbly, Party-loving Blonde to see which worked best.

And she discovered that you really do have more fun as a brunette rather than a blonde when the number of approaches halved after she changed her profile picture to one where her hair had a golden colour.

Hayley, a model from Peterborough, said: "I spent six months learning everything there is to know about how subtle changes to your profile picture and personality details can make a huge difference to the type of man you attract.

"If you want to have sex, it sounds obvious but you need to be make clear in your pictures that you are out for a good time. So accentuate the cleavage, smile and look like you are up for a laugh.

"You should also use some pictures of you when you were younger to hide your real age – everyone is doing that online.

"If you want someone rich, blonde is definitely the way to go – that look attracted lots of sugar daddies who wanted to wine and dine me before taking me to bed.

"The most genuine men came forward when I was most like the real me – either showing my age in a revealing dress while out on the town or as a keep fit fanatic in my gym gear.

"I also meet some lovely men when I wore glasses because they thought I was a bit of an intellectual.

"The two looks which really bombed were when I wore glasses and when I went completely without make-up as a total slob.

"I also tried the businesswoman look in a smart suit but all the guys I met were total bores."

Hayley went on all the dates over six months through, a dating site for married people.

She added: "It was a great experiment but I prefer being me. I won’t have as much as sex as I can do with some of the flirty pictures of me but I will meet a better class of men." spokesman Christian Grant said: "Hayley is typical of the women on the site who tend to be in their 30s and are looking for no-strings attached fun with men who have a good level of income."

Here’s which looks worked best according to Hayley:

1. Best for sex – the "busty brunette" – 87 approaches

Hayley said: "This was far the best look for creating a buzz and getting lots of attention. Sadly a lot of men were only interested in one thing and made absolutely clear that they expected sex on the first date after we got chatting online.

"I tended to get attention from younger men who were keen to exchange sexy pictures.

"I did date three of the men who contacted me with this profile and we had a lot of fun but it didn’t go anywhere."

2. Best for a rich sugar daddy – "bubbly, party-loving blonde" – 43 approaches

Hayley said: "The key difference when I used a picture from a few years ago with me as a blonde was that the men who came on to me were older and richer.

"Obviously they were married because this was – they had made their money and were looking for a fun-loving bit on the side.

"They loved the fact that I was holding a wine glass and gave the impression I was a party girl.

"I dated two men who contacted me with this profile picture. One was lovely and we had a great weekend together in Marbella staying in a five star hotel.

"He was in his 50s and he was a bit old for me but a fantastic lover nevertheless."

3. Best for love – "Hayley as herself" – 32 approaches

Hayley said: "I am naturally a fun-loving brunette who is proud of my figure and loves my surgically enhanced boobs. I spent £5,000 on a boob op, going up from 28B to 28FF. I am fed up with dating skint pretty boys.

I like enjoying the high life and sharing some intelligent conversations with older men. I found the men were a little more genuine when I went on as myself – they could see there was nothing contrived about my profile.

"I used full length pictures of myself rather than one that just focused on my bust and they showed my real age more clearly.

"I got fewer younger men coming on to me than I did with the cleavage pictures and more men who were interested in a proper relationship."

4. Best for companionship – "the gym bunny" – 25 approaches

Hayley said: "I am happiest when I am in the gym and I found a few kindred spirits when I used some work-out pictures of myself on my profile.

"I had men wanting to meet up at the gym rather than a bar or a restaurant which was a nice change. I met some great guys but I was conscious that I was not making enough of my feminine side."

5. Best for boredom – "Hayley in a smart business suit" – 8 approaches

Hayley said: "It is not really me but I straightened my hair flat, wore a smart business suit and had the persona of a successful businesswoman.

"I thought it might get me a classier type of guy but it just attracted a bunch of bores. This definitely didn’t work."

6. Best for nice guys – "Hayley wearing spectacles" – 4 approaches

Hayley said: "If you are dating online, ditch the specs – that is my advice. I was worried I would not get any approaches at all but four men came on to me and they were all absolutely lovely.

"The spectacles created a whole new persona for me and that was reflected in the responses. The men were much more polite but sadly none of them had a lot of money."

7. Best for a complete blow-out – "Hayley as a slacker without make-up" – no approaches

Hayley said: "If you are dating online, get out the slap – no one want to see you when you are not looking your best.

"I thought men might like the fact that I didn’t care about my appearance but who wants to date a slob with spots? ‘You can really enhance your profile picture with the right make-up and hairstyle."

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