Model bombarded with creepy comments from men who ask ‘how much for one night’

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An OnlyFans model who shot to fame due to her large breasts has revealed the inappropriate questions men ask her.

Maddison Fox, 29, from Sussex, had her first plastic surgery procedure when she was 21. So far she has had three boob jobs, veneers, Botox and fillers.

In the future she hopes to get a nose job, Brazilian Butt Lift, fox eye surgery and eyelid surgery.

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It comes as no surprise that Maddison gets lots of attention online.

The glamour model recently revealed some of the inappropriate questions that men ask her.

In the clip, questions such as “How do you sleep?”, “How much for one night?” and “Wanna hold this wood darlin’?” flash up on the screen.

Maddison said she also has men asking her whether her breasts are real, if they’re heavy and if she’s an OnlyFans girl.

She finished the video by saying: “Don’t be that guy, please.”

The 29-year-old’s 95,000 Instagram followers love keeping up to date with her life and show their support.

Hundreds of them flocked to the comment section of her video to show their support and to also know that not all men ask these kinds of inappropriate questions.

“Lol men? Real men don't ask those questions. Just keep doing what you do love. Stay beautiful,” one person commented.

“Are they REAL? What planet do these guys come from?” someone else asked with an accompanying cry laughing emoji.

A third added: “Yeah some guys have no clue.”

This isn’t the first time that Maddison has opened up about the unfair treatment she receives because of her looks.

She previously spoke exclusively to Daily Star about how she wishes people would treat her with respect.

“I know I don’t look like everyone else but I’m still human and have a heart, I’m a sister and a daughter and I should be respected for my decisions in life,” she said.

“Don’t judge me on how I look, judge me on how I treat others and how I behave in life.

“I know I look unorthodox but in 2022 people should be comfortable to be anything or whatever they want without judgement, I'm out here pushing boundaries.

“If my big t*ts offend you, ask yourself why.”

Sadly, Maddison says her parents don’t approve of the work she has done.

She claims her mum has called “grotesque” and a “caricature” – and her family has decided to turn their back on her after her most recent operation.

“My family… don’t support me changing myself in any way, so I feel like the black sheep of the family," she explained.

“They don’t want me to change at all and get very upset at the thought of it and cannot understand why I want to change.”

The OnlyFans star is trying not to let this get her down as she’s happy with the decisions she’s making.


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