Miley Cyrus Reveals She Bullied Hailey Baldwin When They Were Kids

It turns out that before Hailey Baldwin and Miley Cyrus were famous, their celebrity parents were friends — who knew?! But just because their families were cool, that doesn’t mean that Miley and Hailey got along. 

During an episode of Carpool Karaoke, the “Malibu” singer crashes Baldwin’s singalong to “Party in the USA” with fellow model Kendall Jenner, and spills the tea on her and Hailey’s pre-teen feud. 

“I’ve known you since you were 11,” Hailey told the pop star, who was friends with the 22-year-old’s big sister Alaia. 

“I would be evil to her,” Miley said about her initial rocky relationship with Hailey. “She would try to play with us, like me and Alaia, and we would lock her out of the room.”

“My older sister and her used to gang up on me,” Hailey explained to Kendall. 

“I had to. It made you who you are, you know?” Miley jokingly said (though, it’s not completely untrue in the digital age). “It made you stronger. Now you can always take like trolls and sh*t. ‘Cause I was such a troll.”

“Miley was the biggest troll to me. She prepared me for this industry!” said the newly-wed Mrs. Bieber, before Jenner added: “You’d be like, ‘Alaia and Miley would gang up on me!'”

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Cyrus humorously defended her innocent bullying as a child, saying: “I needed little sisters to pick on to make me feel like a regular kid.”

Fifteen years later and their childhood rift has mended, thankfully — giving us Carpool Karaoke gold. Watch the full episode here. 

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