Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino calls cops over brother’s unannounced visit

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It’s “Jersey Shore” meets “Family Feud.”

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino called the cops on his own brother Maximo Sorrentino, who allegedly showed up unannounced at the reality star’s home Tuesday night bearing gifts for his newborn nephew, Romeo.

Mike’s rep told TMZ Thursday that Maximo allegedly rang the “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” star’s doorbell an excessive amount of times, looked through his window and lingered for a bit before hanging three gift bags on the doorknob and walking away.

Mike, 39, watched from inside and immediately called the police, who reportedly showed up in less than a minute and ran into Maximo, 42, while he was leaving.

The cops warned Maximo that he couldn’t be on Mike’s property unless he was invited and then let him make his exit, per the report.

The brotherly beef isn’t out of the blue, as Mike’s rep told the website that the MTV personality filed harassment claims against Maximo in July because he feels his brother behaves “erratically” and wants to know beforehand when Maximo is coming over.

Mike thinks that Maximo crossed the line by showing up unannounced Tuesday but did not want his older sibling to be arrested, according to his rep.

Instead, he was looking out for the safety of his wife, Lauren, and their 3-month-old kid.

Maximo, for his part, denied to TMZ that there’s bad blood between him and his famous brother, saying he was sad that Mike called the police on him because he would “never do that” if the roles were reversed.

Maximo added that he was simply dropping off Puma BMW tracksuits for his nephew.

Mike and Lauren, 36, welcomed Romeo, their first child, in May after she suffered a miscarriage in November 2019, the same month as their one-year wedding anniversary. The couple had conceived the night Mike came home from prison for tax fraud.

Page Six has reached out to Mike’s rep for comment.

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