Michelle Obama’s Thought As She Waved Goodbye To The WH On Trump’s Inauguration Day Is Everything

As first lady, Michelle Obama had so many hilarious appearances on ‘The Tonight Show.’ She cracked up Jimmy Fallon on Dec. 18 with what her final thought was as she left DC on Trump’s inauguration day.

Michelle Obama made her triumphant return to The Tonight show for the first time Jan. 11, 2016, her final late night talk show appearance as the sitting first lady. She and host Jimmy Fallon have such a beloved camaraderie that she made his show her final stop on her late night TV show promotional tour for her memoir Becoming and it did not disappoint. Jimmy showed her the now iconic photo of she and husband President Barack Obama turning at the top of the steps of Air Force One to give a final wave goodbye on Donald Trump‘s inauguration day and her response was epic.

He was about to ask her to walk him through what she was thinking at that moment and Michelle blurted out “Bye, Felicia!” before he could even finish his sentence. It made the host laugh so hard he literally doubled over in his chair in a fit of giggles. “A lot was going on that day. That was a day,” she said in an exasperated voice. She even got a dig in at the Trumps, as they met with the incoming first couple during their last moments in the White House. Melania, 48, awkwardly handed Michelle a blue Tiffany box as a gift (which later was revealed to contain a picture frame), and didn’t seem to impress the former FLOTUS. “And then there was the Tiffany’s box,” she added sounding annoyed

In addition to the stress of packing up and leaving their home for eight years and having to play nice for the cameras upon meeting the Trumps, her daughters Malia and Sasha’s pals decided at the last-minute that they needed to have one last sleep over in the White House the night before. “I was like ‘Are you guys kidding me? We’re leaving!’ You’ve gotta take all your stuff, the blankets, the bears…they’re all crying and I’m like ‘get out! We’ve gotta go!’” she said while making a kicking motion. Yeah, after eight years Michelle was OVER IT.

The Tonight Show released the five-minute interview clip of Michelle’s appearance ahead of the telecast. Sadly she and Jimmy didn’t recreate the epic “Mom Dance” segment that she did during her appearances when she was FLOTUS. But instead they played “Elevator Surprise” where NBC pages would stop their tour on Jimmy’s floor while he held up a blanket and dropped it to show Michelle waving at the shocked tourists.

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