'Meghan Markle is making it all about HER!' says ANDREW PIERCE

‘Meghan Markle is making it all about HER!’ ANDREW PIERCE on Prince Harry’s Invictus Games

She turned up finally yesterday even though the games opened on Saturday and guess what she did, she made a speech.

Guess what the speech was about, her favourite subject, Meghan Markle.

All about drawing attention to her, Meghan Markle, the former actress, the beautiful princess, the duchess – all about her, very little mention of the Invictus Games, servicemen and women.

Yet again, she is eclipsing and overshadowing Prince Harry – why does he put up with it? 

Good luck with the Invictus Games Prince Harry, I hope they go well, I really do, they are a great cause. But your wife, as ever, is doing nothing to promote you or the games.

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