Meghan is ‘much more confident’ now – despite ‘standing behind Kate’

Queen Elizabeth II: Meghan pays her respects with a deep curtsy

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Meghan Markle, 41, and Prince Harry, who celebrated his 38th birthday on Thursday, attended the Lying-in-State procession on Wednesday for Queen Elizabeth II. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were directly behind William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales. What was Meghan’s body language like?

Judi James, a body language expert, spoke exclusively to to explain.

She said: “This was a much more confident-looking appearance from Meghan who, although she was standing behind Kate by the coffin during the service, was actually separated from her sister-in-law by quite a large spatial gap.

“All the royals appeared in a very choreographed formation, with each one separated from the other as well as from their spouses.”

How did Meghan travel to Westminster Hall?

Judi added: “Sophie was with Meghan in the car and she also stood between Kate and Meghan before they moved to the aisle.

“Both Meghan and Kate looked withdrawn by grief,” the expert claimed.

How did the Countess of Wessex appear during the service?

Judi opined: “Sophie looked unable to speak and Kate’s pursed lips, heavy swallows and narrowed eyes suggested she was fighting back tears.” 

How was Meghan’s body language like as she supported her husband during the poignant service?

Judi suggested: “Meghan adopted a caring-looking part smile of empathy and sympathy behind her.

“Given Harry’s wince of pain and the moment he covered his face with his hand, it must have been difficult for her to stand at a formal distance without being able to comfort him,” the expert claimed.

When was the moment Harry and Meghan decided to hold each other’s hands? 

Judi explained: “It was as the royal formation moved towards the doors after the service that Harry and Meghan seemed to find it no longer possible to stay apart like the other royals.

“They moved closer together and both stretched out an arm to clasp hands.”

Why was this important to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex?

Judi suggested: “It was building to the moment when they might have mingled slightly with William and Kate in the vestibule before getting into their cars.

“This meant the mutual comfort and support signal of the clasped hands might have helped them feel like a united front,” Judi added.

Prince Harry is celebrating his 38th birthday today.

The Duke will most likely be in Frogmore Cottage, the UK base for him and Meghan.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Royal Family travelled across different parts of the UK to see all the well-wishers for Queen Elizabeth.

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