Matt Damon Roasts His New BFF Chris Hemsworth on SNL

You know how Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon are best friends now? No, it's totally a thing. They have similarly-aged children, their wives are close to each other, and the two families are frequently spotted vacationing together across the globe (over the summer they were seen boating in Spain. So perhaps thats why Damon found a way to impersonate Hemsworth during his hosting stint on Saturday Night Live last night.

The occasion came during SNL's imagining of emergency Oscar hosts auditions after Kevin Hart exited the gig amidst controversy. Damon, who later also appeared as Matthew McConaughey, plays Hemsworth as a friendly Australian mate with the ultimate joke being that he is very nice to look at. Hopefully, Liam Hemsworth, who was backstage last night as his girlfriend Miley Cyrus was on music guest duty, got a kick out of it.

Some of SNL's other host suggestions are actually kind of intriguing, however. Ego Nwodim appears as Tiffany Haddish (yes, in that Alexander McQueen gown), Kate McKinnon does a nice Michelle Wolfe, and Pete Davidson puts the fact that has the same sort of haunting eyes as Rami Malek to good use. Perhaps, though, it's Aidy Bryant who is this sketch's MVP. She gave Hannah Gadsby her first SNL impression, does a spot-on Amy Sherman-Palladino, and surprises as Roseanne Barr. McKinnon appears again at the end as Ellen Degeneres to take a pointed job at Hart and his anti-gay tweets. All in all, a sketch that should please everyone, except Hart …and maybe Ben Affleck.

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