Man’s romantic airport gesture for wife gets him arrested and slapped with fine

In a scene that would never make it into a Richard Curtis rom-com, one man's romantic airport gesture recently backfired in a big way.

By "backfire", we mean he ended up getting arrested, which probably wasn't his intention.

It's an important lesson – should anyone actually need it – that life ain't like Love Actually (thank goodness).

The setting for this particular drama was Singapore Airport where a devoted husband bought a plane ticket so he could go through security and to the gate with his wife.

Romantic, no?

Except this is also illegal, because he didn't plan on actually getting on the flight with her.

The law in Singapore dictates that any travellers who clear security with boarding passes should only do so if they actually plan to get on the plane anyone who doesn't do this is acting illegally.

It seems the husband, who is still unidentified, did not know this, 9Honey reports.

Now he faces fines of around £11,000 and up to two years in jail, all because of his romantic gesture gone awry.

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