Kylie Jenner Updates Fans On Her Postpartum Recovery After Baby No. 2

"when your postpartum hormones start to level out.”

Kylie Jenner is one step closer to feeling like herself again.

The Kylie Cosmetics mogul took to TikTok to give her followers an update on how she’s been dealing with her struggles with postpartum recovery since the arrival of her second baby with Travis Scott.

Jenner lip synced to a sound bite from her 2017 reality show “Life of Kylie” which has since went viral on the app to explain how she’s been bouncing back from her last pregnancy

“I’m getting my personality back though like,” she mouthed, “I’m feeling like myself again. I really was not myself.”

She captioned the clip, “when your postpartum hormones start to level out.”

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Six weeks after giving birth to her second child, Kylie opened up about her experiences with postpartum.

The Hulu star took to her Instagram Stories at the time to open up with her fans about her experiences, which she said has been different than what she went through after Stormi’s birth four years ago.

“This experience for me personally has been a little harder than with my daughter,” she shared, admitting to her fellow new moms that this time for her “postpartum has not been easy.”

“It’s not easy mentally, physically, spiritually, it’s just crazy,” she added, explaining that she wanted to be open and honest about her own experience to help other moms who might be feeling a similar way.

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“I think we can look on the internet, for other moms going through it right now, we can go on the internet and it might look a lot easier for other people,” she said. “And put the pressure on us.”

Kylie admitted later in her Stories that she felt herself parroting that narrative to herself before she had to remind herself, “It’s okay not to be okay.” She also reminded herself, “I made a whole human, a beautiful healthy boy.”

Recording herself during a workout, Kylie shared that the struggle had gotten to the point she almost opted out of taking this time for herself in the gym. “But I’m here, and I’m feeling better,” she said. “So you got this!”

She added a few more words of advice for her followers — and possibly herself, as well — saying, “We have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to be ‘back,’ not even physically, just mentally after birth.”

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