Kody Brown Reveals This Sister Wives Star 'Moved Out' Long Before Actual Split

"She was done."

Kody Brown appears to currently be on the outs with three of his four “Sister Wives” — and on Sunday night’s “One on One” special, he revealed one of them briefly “moved out” years before their current tensions.

Long before Christine Brown split from the group and Brown’s relationships with both Meri and Janelle seemed on the verge of going the same way, the group had issues in the years before fourth wife Robyn joined the family in 2010.

Janelle, Meri and Christine explained that while they were “all united” when it came to raising their children, they clashed over how to really do that. Said Janelle: “We really struggled. Everything. It was everything. I remember it was like, which detergent should we use, should you put oranges in the fridge or not.”

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Though Kody didn’t get specific on when this happened, he said that at one point, “the family was in a bad place because Janelle moved out.” He added: “She was done. She moved in with her mother.”

“I didn’t feel like she was leaving me, but she was leaving them because I wasn’t giving her enough support,” he continued. “Her and I were constantly working things out but she couldn’t abide being with Christine and Meri longer. There was just too much strain on our lives.”

He added that Janelle felt left out.

“She would talk to me about a comment her and her mother would make about the ‘Meri and Christine Club,’ because Janelle wasn’t in it,” he said, adding that she even initially refused to move with the family when he got a new job in Utah.

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“That was a real shock to me. That was not healthy,” he said. According to Kody, she eventually agreed to the move when he found a home that was big enough for the three women and all their children to live in together. “She was looking for reconciliation,” he added.

After he told his side of the story, Janelle added, “I think Kody remembers it in a way that works for him to remember it. I think he is looking to blame … like that there was always conflict, but there were really good times too. I really wanted to stay in Wyoming, I really did. I had just started to develop a good life and I didn’t want to leave it.”

While the full episode has yet to air, the third portion of the “One on One” special includes Janelle saying she and Kody have been “separated for several months” — with Kody adding, “I am separated from Janelle.”

“Sister Wives One on One” airs Sunday on TLC.

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