Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Claudia Auditions on American Idol Premiere — Watch Sneak Peek

Claudia’s famous parents even make a brief appearance in the short teaser for Sunday’s season premiere on ABC.

While she gained fame on social media mainly for feuding with her mother, 16-year-old Claudia Conway is looking to find her own voice on the upcoming season premiere of “American Idol.”

Turns out the daughter of Kellyanne Conway is ready for her time in the spotlight, describing her parents to the judges in this short promo as “high-profile political figures.”

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At the time auditions were filming, America was heading into the 2020 election, so Donald Trump was still president. Kellyanne had stepped away from her official position as his senior counsel, but remained a pretty constant talking head on the various news programs on his behalf.

On top of that, Claudia’s father, George Conway, was just as famously opposed to almost everything his wife stood for publicly, continuously trashing then-President Trump on social media.

Of course, this all happened well before the more recent drama that embroiled the family after a topless picture of Claudia appeared briefly on her mother’s Twitter page.

The family has since come together, with Claudia saying she believes her mother would never do such a thing intentionally. She also said she was taking a break from social media, as TMZ reports law enforcement says an investigation is under way.

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For as much as they butt heads publicly, all three Conways were represented in the short clip, with Claudia shown alongside her father in what appeared to be a prepared video package as part of her story. Kellyanne, though, looked like she was giving her daughter some last-minute encouragement on a video screen before her audition.

Regardless, it looks like the judges probably know all too well who Claudia is and who her parents are, which makes a statement made by Katy Perry as compelling as it was mysterious lacking context.

“We want an American Idol,” she told Claudia. Does this mean they don’t care about Claudia’s past and/or baggage? Or are they worried that her famous lineage would be a distraction to the journey. It would be unfair of them to dismiss her for things out of her control, like her family, so we’re going to assume it’s not that.

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Claudia had prepped her fans back via TikTok in November, saying that she had shown up for auditions. In the short clip, which was filmed backstage, she said she’d met Ryan Seacrest and was preparing for her audition.

Not everyone who auditions makes it to air, though, so there was no guarantee she would. That said, she is the daughter of Kellyanne Conway and Kellyanne makes an appearance, so it’s hard to imagine producers not putting her on the air.

So we can’t say we’re too surprised that they went ahead and pulled the trigger by dropping her into the very first episode of the new season. Gotta draw as many eyes as possible to the premiere in hopes they’ll stick around.

“American Idol” returns for its 19th season (4th on ABC) this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.

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