Katie From ‘The Bachelor’ Was Lucky Enough To Meet Colton Before The Show

When it comes to participating in shows like The Bachelor, it never hurts to get a little leg up on the competition since it could help to set you apart from the rest. And that’s precisely what Colton Underwood’s Bachelor contestant Katie did when she appeared on Ellen alongside two of her fellow contestants. Host Ellen DeGeneres even had the ladies play the game "Know or Go" to give Colton some insight into their personalities and Katie certainly managed to stand out in a fun way.

While she was ultimately the first to be eliminated from the game itself, her bubbly demeanor proved that she may very well have what it takes to win over this Bachelor’s heart. For her second question in the competition, Katie finished DeGeneres’ "roses are red, violets are blue" poem with "so am I." It didn’t rhyme, which immediately disqualified her from proceeding to the next round, but it showed that she’s playful and doesn’t take herself (or fun games like this) too seriously — something that Colton admitted to DeGeneres he’s looking for in a life partner.

During their interview, the Bachelor said he wants to find someone who is "fun, spontaneous, outgoing… and somebody who’s a good person and somebody who could be a good mother." From this brief glimpse into Katie’s personality alone, it looks like she fits at least a few of those qualifications right off the bat.

Those looking to find out more about Katie apart from her brief Ellen cameo may find her official ABC bio somewhat enlightening as well. According to the bio, she is a 26-year-old medical sales representative from Sherman Oaks, California. Additionally, she loves to dance and even competed on a college dance team when she attended Louisiana State University. Given how passionate she is about dancing, definitely expect the producers to play that up on the one-on-one dates. Her bio does claim that she hopes to teach him some moves. Sounds like the ideal romantic situation that could lead to some serious sparks flying.

Speaking of sparks flying, it’s also worth mentioning that the official ABC photos from the premiere indicate that things start to get pretty steamy between Katie and Colton right away, even showing the two of them involved in a very steamy looking kiss outside The Bachelor mansion.

Between her fun demeanor and their apparently instant connection, it feels like Katie could have what it takes to make it all the way to the finale and find Colton getting down on one knee. And since her job typical requires quite a bit of traveling, she may be totally game for uprooting to Colorado to be with Colton. Not that she necessarily needs to be the one to make that kind of sacrifice for their relationship, but it could definitely factor into the decision making process. Granted, we don’t even know yet if their relationship will even get that far to have such an important conversation, but given what we know about Katie thus far, we certainly shouldn’t rule her out.

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