Kate Middleton’s ‘no nonsense’ parenting with George & Charlotte – ‘Royal means business’

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Kate Middleton is mother of three to Prince George who is eight, Princess Charlotte who is six, and Prince Louis who is three. Parenting expert Cai Graham shared what makes Kate such a good mum.

Cai said: “When the eyes of the world are upon you, it can be extremely daunting to appear as though you always ‘have it together’ and to act with ‘decorum’.”

She added: “Throw excitable and unpredictable children into the mix and it must be every mother’s nightmare.”

As someone who is constantly analysed by the media and general public, it would be understandable if Kate faltered and showed signs of struggle.

However, the duchess “appears to take all this in her stride”, according to the expert.

Kate has an extremely prominent role within the royal family and supports a number of charities and causes.

She is the royal patron of Place2Be, a children’s mental health charity.

The Duchess of Cambridge is also a patron for Action for Children, Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices and Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

It is clear that Kate is extremely maternal and loves all children, not just her own.

Yet, Cai reported that Kate is “a mother first and a Duchess second”.

In instances where her children occasionally misbehave, as all children do, Kate “does not shy away from reprimanding her children” – even in public.

Cai said: “Without any drama, Kate calmly makes eye contact with her children and reminds them (I can only presume) how best to settle down.”

“Kate is able to take swift action without overreacting. A quick talking to shows that ‘mum means business’, and invariably it is all that is required to help her children regain their composure.”

Furthermore, “Kate would often raise a finger – as a reminder that she is not ready to accept any nonsense right now”.

At home, Kate uses a disciplinary method called “chat sofa”, according to Good Housekeeping.

This replaces the traditional “naughty step” and sees Kate or William sending the child away from the scene of the disruption or argument so they can talk “calmly” with them to resolve things.

In the same vein, Cai reported that “Kate is terribly good at reassuring her children”.

She added: “There are times when her children have appeared rather overwhelmed with the situation that they are in – and Kate is always available to take them aside and offer them words of comfort.”

Of course, being in the public eye can be extremely intense for little ones. To combat their nervousness or worry, “Kate comes down to her children’s level, or scoops them up with a hug and lets them know that she is close by.”

According to Smart Parenting, this is one technique that helps them “feel safer and more in control”.

Kate practising active listening sends the message to her children: “You’re important to me.”

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