Jill Biden's White House Christmas video is slammed as 'bizarre'

Jill Biden’s White House Christmas video is slammed as ‘bizarre, freaky and absolute garbage’

First Lady Jill Biden’s efforts at spreading some Christmas joy have been met with derision and astonishment from many who have labeled her celebratory video as ‘bizarre’ ‘freaky’ and ‘absolute garbage.’ 

The video, posted by Dr. Biden on Wednesday, shows members of a New York City-based dance troupe, Dorrance Dancers, doing a tapdancing ‘playful’ interpretation of The Nutcracker Suite through the halls of the White House. 

The group are in a candy-themed hall leading into the main Christmas tree in the Blue Room, since 1961 the main tree has usually been housed there. The dancers show off how each room has been decorated for the celebrations.  

‘A bit of magic, wonder, and joy brought to you by the talented tappers of Dorrance Dance, performing their playful interpretation of The Nutcracker Suite. Enjoy!,’ Dr. Biden wrote.

‘Magic, Wonder and Joy’ is the theme this year, President Joe Biden’s third in the White House.

The first lady’s attempts at bringing some life into the White House’s Christmas celebrations have been met with criticism

The dance was performed by the Dorrance Dancers, a New York City-based troupe 

The dancers lead the viewer on a trip around the White House hallways, showing how different rooms have been decorated for the holidays

Throughout the video, the dancers smile in bright costumes, tap dancing away, but many on social media questioned what exactly the clip has got to do with Christmas. The ballet in which the Nutcracker suite appears is set on Christmas Eve. 

Others posted photos and videos fondly remembering former First Lady Melania Trump’s Christmas celebrations, despite Melania famously saying on tape: ‘Who gives as f*** about the Christmas stuff and decorations?’ 

Melania later walked back her comments in an official statement. 

The comments under Dr. Biden’s official X account were not kind.  

Right-wing blogger Ian Miles Cheong said that Dr. Biden’s 2023 efforts were gave off a ‘Hunger games aesthetic.’ Anti-vax activist Alex Rosen chimed in saying: ‘The second hand embarrassment is off the charts.’

‘This should’ve come with a sensitivity label. This is horrendous,’ wrote the infamous Libs of TikTok account. ‘ABSOLUTE GARBAGE,’ was another person’s opinion. 

‘It’s a mentally ill Christmas at the Biden White House,’ comedian Tim Young tweeted. ‘You are so strange. Bizarre. Freaky,’ said another person. 

Conservative activist Brigitte Gabriel said: ‘Children should not be watching this smut.’ 

‘Desperately pandering. SO.MUCH.CRINGE,’ wrote another user.

‘The only thing missing was Dylan Mulvaney!!!,’ said another person, referencing the 2023 scandal involving Bud Light and the trans influencer which led to a mass boycott. 

Many of those outraged pined for Melania Trump’s previous Christmas decorations

Influencer ZNO posted a video showing Melania Trump’s decorations from her time in White House writing in the caption: ‘Never forget what they took from you.’  

There were some crumbs of comfort in the comments for the first lady.

‘That’s incredible! The post brought a smile to my face. Hats off to Dorrance Dance and their hard work – I’m sure their interpretation of The Nutcracker Suite will continue to bring joy and wonder to the audience,’ wrote one user.

‘Totally love it, Ms Biden as much as we have showed the love for your playful creative side and arts,’ said another. 

‘Everyone should thank Dr. Jill Biden for bringing Christmas back to the White House after Melania trashed it,’ one user also said. 

In November, Dr. Biden said she wanted everyone who visits the White House during the holidays to feel like a kid again.

‘Each room is designed to capture this pure, unfiltered delight and imagination’ so visitors ‘see this time of year through the wondrous, sparkling eyes of children,’ the first lady said kicking off a month’s worth of holiday receptions. 

About 100,000 visitors are expected for the holidays.

Jill Biden said it was ‘so amazing’ to see the Christmas tree atop the entrance to the East Wing when they returned after spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

‘When Joe and I saw that last night, we were just, like, mesmerized,’ she said.

The whimsical set of oversized decorations is meant to inspire the feelings of awe and wonder that put children on joyful edge during the holidays, White House aides said.

Throughout two public floors of the White House, the décor features several nods to the 200th anniversary of the publication of the poem and book commonly known as ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.’ 

The papier-mâché reindeer suspended in the foyer are ‘so cool,’ she said. ‘It’s like they’re leaping from the storybook’s pages. I don’t know how you feel about it. I feel it’s just breathtaking.’

The Library of Congress provided samples of editions of the book from the past 200 years that are on display in protective cases along the ground floor corridor. 

The traditional gingerbread White House includes a large sugar cookie replica of the book opened to a page that says ‘Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.’ Santa’s sleigh and reindeer also fly above the cookie White House.

National Guard families, who joined the first lady as part of her Joining Forces initiative to support military families, were among the first members of the public to see the decorations. 

Children of these and other military families were also treated to a performance by the cast of the North American tour of the Disney musical “Frozen.”

One of the first Christmas trees visitors see after entering the White House is decorated with wooden gold star ornaments engraved with the names of fallen service members.

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