Jamie Oliver blasts MPs for not backing energy drink ban for kids

Jamie Oliver has slammed MPs for not urging an immediate ban on selling energy drinks to kids.

The Science and Technology Committee claims there is not the scientific evidence to outlaw sales, although widespread “concerns” could justify limiting supply of the caffeine and ­sugar-laden products.

TV chef and campaigner Jamie, 42, who has worked alongside the Mirror in our Can It: Ban energy drinks for children campaign, was furious at the MPs’ half-heartedness.

Jamie said: “I’ve seen the terrible impact energy drinks have on our kids’ health and their education. I’ve spoken to teachers who say they have to adjust lesson plans depending on whether kids are bouncing off the walls. The Government must ban the sale of the drinks to kids.”

The British Dental Association said the drinks are fuelling an epidemic of tooth decay.”

New NHS figures showed 75 kids had full dental extractions due to decay last year, up from 54 in 2012-13.

BDA chairman Mick Armstrong: “Dentists see the devastating impact energy drinks have on children’s oral health every day.”

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