Jake Gyllenhaal & Hugh Jackman Pranked Ryan Reynolds At A Party In The Funniest Way

Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to making a witty joke or two, but it looks like the king of pranks has finally gotten a taste of his own medicine. During this festive season, getting an invitation to a Christmas sweater party is nothing out of the ordinary, but Reynolds’ latest Instagram pic will make you rethink that invite to your friend’s holiday bash. Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman pranked Ryan Reynolds at a party, and Reynolds will probably proceed with caution until Christmas Day now.

While Reynolds’ usual social media activity revolves around jokes about his wife Blake Lively and their children, his prank wars and teasing encounters with Jackman and Gyllenhaal have appeared online in recent months. Seeing as Reynolds consistently trolls his family and friends, it makes sense that the two other men joined forces to pull off a plan for revenge. Although we’re not privy to how Jackman and Gyllenhaal exactly executed this scheme, Reynolds has shared the result of their handiwork on Instagram. The duo apparently convinced the Deadpool star that a party they were all attending was holiday sweater-themed. Totally feasible in the middle of December, right?

Yeah, not exactly. Reynolds shared two photos of himself in an elaborate Christmas sweater and standing in between the regularly-dressed Jackman and Gyllenhall. While Reynolds looks displeased, the other two are in hysterics over their success. Nice work, boys.

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These fucking assholes said it was a sweater party. ?

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The photo has already inspired relatable memes among Twitter users. TBH, how could it not have taken this viral route?

While Jackman hasn’t responded to the photo on social media yet, Gyllenhaal has assured his followers that Reynolds accepted their backstabbing in the name of the holiday spirit. In an Instagram story that a fan account shared on Twitter, Gyllenhaal wrote, "#HeForgaveMe" alongside a photo of himself laughing next to Reynolds, who gamely gives the camera a thumbs up.

Is it just me, or is Reynolds’ look the face of someone who is already plotting out how to get back at his friends? Watch your back, Gyllenhaal.

Reynolds previously worked with Gyllenhaal in the 2017 sci-fi thriller Life, while Gyllenhaal co-starred with Jackman in 2013’s Prisoners. Reynolds and Jackman have both worked on the X-Men film series, which Reynolds subtly referenced when he crashed Jackman’s birthday video for himself while in his Deadpool costume.

In the long run, the men’s trick on Reynolds is relatively low-key, and it definitely pales in comparison to some of the jokes the actor has made elsewhere. In an interview with Men’s Health, Reynolds detailed the greatest prank he’s ever pulled, saying:

Hmm, sounds like Gyllenhaal and Jackman should activate any security codes they have in their homes ASAP. Here’s hoping that fans get a look at how Reynolds may trick these two before the holidays are over!

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