‘It’s hard celebrating Halloween with 38J boobs – insecure women call me a sl*t’

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    Spooky season is here – but not everything is scary on Halloween.

    And, one big boobed woman knows this better than anyone else.

    Aptly titled Busty Malone – real name Shirley Flynn – certainly lives up to her name as she often flaunts her 38J assets.

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    The 40-something, from the West Midlands, sees October 31 as the perfect time to embrace her 'erotic' and 'sensual' side.

    Despite being proud of her sexual nature, Busty Malone's risqué looks are not favoured by everyone – and spooky season is no easier.

    She believes that Halloween is for women to dress up like a 'sl*t' – without anyone batting an eyelid.

    But, her larger than life knockers mean that she is often faced with judgment.

    And that's not all, as she struggles to find costumes that fit her.

    In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Shirley candidly opened up about her problems celebrating the festivity.

    She said: “Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year when females can dress up like total sl*t and get away with it.

    “I absolutely love dressing up for Halloween it brings out the darker and more sensual side of me I [am] also more erotic.

    “Halloween is like the darker side of Valentine's Day full of sexy erotic fun for all adults."

    However, it is not always easy to find a sizzling hot costume.

    “I definitely struggle to find the right clothing to fit my boobs as most stores on and off line only cater for the more average bust size up to about an E and I'm a whopping size J cup", Shirley revealed.

    “My boobs are always overflowing over my costumes and sometimes they battle to escape out of my top which can be annoying as people think I look like a porn star.

    “It sometimes causes my social media content to get banned."

    Busty Malone urges people to embrace their naughty sides during spooky season.

    “People should dress scary for Halloween as that's the main meaning of the season", she noted.

    “But now Halloween is not just for the horror but for the thrill and darker erotic women to express their sexuality by experimenting with their dress sense.

    “I get very negative comments I get called a porn star sl*t more from jealous women who don't have sex appeal or who are either insecure or let themselves go.

    “My naturally curvy body gets negative feedback from men who can't afford my expectations as a strong sexual woman and they know that I'm well out of their league.”

    Although Busty Malone is faced with backlash for her naughty Halloween attire, she urged other big boobed women to flaunt their chest.

    She expressed: “My tips for big boobed women this Halloween is to wear the most daring revealing outfit if you got it.

    “Let it all hang out girl and set the sisters free!”

    Well, you heard it here first…


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