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DEAR DEIDRE: ALTHOUGH I’m a woman of only 26, I think I have a drinking problem.

Recently, I had a week off work and told my friends I had been away on holiday, but the shameful truth was I have been drinking alone at home every day.

It all started when I felt really down about a break-up. Some good friends took me for a night  out  and I got completely hammered on shots. 

I enjoyed myself so much – and all my problems started melting away. 

I had never been a big drinker before, but after that, I would go out drinking whenever I could. 

The problem was, on the nights I was at home alone, I felt really down and lonely. 

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So I began buying supermarket booze to have at home too. Now it’s got out of hand. During the week, I have a drink the minute I get in the door after work.

On weekends, I start soon after I get up and carry on all day until I collapse into bed. Is it possible to be an alcoholic at my age?

People have started to notice that I look rough, and my work is suffering.  I want to stop but I don’t know how to.



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DEIDRE SAYS: Anyone of any age can develop an alcohol problem, and it does sound like your drinking has got worryingly out of control. 

What’s positive is that you have recognised you have got a problem and you have done the right thing by asking for help.

Now it’s important that you get help before you ruin your health and career. has advice on how to reduce your alcohol consumption and my support pack, Drink Problem, includes information about organis­ations that can help you.

Please also make an appointment with your GP and, if you can, confide in someone you trust – a relative or close friend. 

There’s clearly a deep unhappiness leading you to drink so much. Dealing with this will help you to stop drinking too. Think about having counselling. 

My support pack about this tells you how to access it.

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