Inside Katie Price’s glamorous festive home with boyfriend Carl as they enjoy Christmas with the kids

At the start of the year, Katie Price checked herself into The Priory after hitting rock bottom following a string of personal woes.

But 11 months later, things couldn’t be more different for the mum-of-five.

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She’s looking forward to her first Christmas with her man Carl Woods, and not forgetting her children, Harvey, 18, Junior, 15, Princess, 13, Jett, seven, and six-year-old Bunny.

It’s clear to see that Katie is in a happy place – and she credits Carl, 31, for getting her through her tough times.

In fact, things are going so well for the pair that they’re even thinking about babies and marriage.

Katie, who has been living with Carl since they met in June, tells us she’s ready to take the next step in their relationship – although Carl is ruling out a Christmas proposal.

Here, the queen of reality, 42, opens up about her festive memories, her future with Carl and her fears for eldest son Harvey’s health.

“The last few Christmases have been really awful for me but this year I’ve got a new head on my shoulders and I’ve got a fantastic man, it could not be any better,” says Katie.

When asked why the past Christmases have been so bad, she says, “I was just mentally in a bad place so this year, to be waking up on Christmas Day and being in love, it makes such a difference.”

Christmas Day in Katie’s gorgeous home is all about family and lots of food.

The star has the kids this year and she must be careful not to buy the same presents as their dads do!

Apparently, the kids have already got most things, but Katie says they’re not spoilt at all.

“Junior always says, ‘Mum, you spoil me and you always surprise me’.”

“Princess just loves everything I get her as well. They haven’t been brought up as spoilt kids and they respect how much things are.”

Carl is buying presents for the brood too, but his biggest worry is what to get his girlfriend!

“I’ve got to try and think of something good,” he admits. “What do you get the woman who’s got everything?”

Carl will be in charge of building the kids toys on Christmas Day and Katie can’t wait to see them open their presents.

The reality queen is glad to put her bad Christmas behind her and have a happy holiday.

“Last year was really terrible. I wasn’t there mentally, because I didn’t have all the kids and my mum was ill.”

“No one believed me when I came out of The Priory and said I was a new person,” she reveals. “I said I’d be completely different and I’ve stuck to it.”

“Carl has got the best of me because I’m older, wiser and mentally in a very good place.”

Katie is a much happier person and she says it’s down to Carl and the support he’s given her.

“He’s always believed in me,” she gushes. “When you’re with someone you’re happy with, you change because you want to change.”

The pair sound so loved up, but is a Christmas engagement on the cards?

Carl says no, “Sorry it’s not going to happen.”

But Katie is still hopeful for the future, “He says it’s going to happen when I least expect it.”

The couple have been trying for a baby and Katie wants as many children as possible.

“I want two and Kate wants seven altogether, so the maths actually works,” says Carl.

Luckily, Katie’s mum is a fan of Carl and they text each other all the time.

“He’s a proper gentleman, as my mum would say,” says Katie, who was hoping to see her mum, who is isolating, before Christmas.

Meanwhile, Carl’s dad told Katie, “Carl had posters of me on his wall and I was his No1 pin-up. I was his dream girl.”

Carl has got his girl, and meeting her man has been the highlight of Katie’s year.

“The Pricey is coming back and doing what I love best.”

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