Inside Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant’s $15.6 Million Mansion

American professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of NBA Kevin Durant has an estimated net worth of $200 million. It was reported that the American professional basketball player’s salary from the NBA alone is about $42 million which makes him included in the top five highest paid players in the league. The power forward of the Brooklyn Nets has also a lucrative endorsement deals which definitely earn him tens of millions annually thanks to his talent as a basketball player.

He started his career and making a name for himself when he was drafted as the second overall pick for Seattle SuperSonics in the 2007 NBA draft. The Supersonics then relocated to Oklahoma and renamed the team as Oklahoma City Thunder where he eventually made a name for himself as they entered the NBA finals immediately. With the wealth that Durant was able to achieve in his short stint in the NBA, he has also bought some expensive and lavish purchases like cars and real estate properties. Among these purchases is the $15.6 million mansion located on the Hidden Hills which was a prominent neighborhood for the wealthy people and celebrities. Take a look at the multimillion estate of Kevin Durant.

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Inside The $15.6 Million Mansion Of Kevin Durant

According to the article written by James McClain of Dirt, NBA player Kevin Durant bought the California home for $15.6 million. The said amount is just a little under what the Brooklyn Nets’ point guard Ben Simmons paid for his mansion in the same neighborhood. The property was pre-sold to Durant, meaning that even before the property was even finished it was already sold to him and did not even hit the open market for real estate. Due to this reason, there is only handful information on the internet regarding Durant’s property.

The Hidden Hills Mansion purchased was made after the Brooklyn Nets’ power forward sold his oceanfront Malibu villa for about $12.2 million to television franchise creator Anthony Zuiker. The estate which Durant bought is a two story mansion with about 10,000 square feet sitting on a near the end of a quiet cul-de-sac 1.8 acre of land. The estate is located on the guarded and gated city of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley where numerous celebrities and prominent people resides, the residence had a tighter security because of the wealthy people living there. The Hidden Hills residence has a long sported roster of numerous celebrity names and a lot of them are either professional athletes or prominent musicians. The current homeowners on the same neighborhood include Madonna, Kardashians, Lori Loughlin, Drake, John Stamos and a lot more.

Selling His Miami Mansion To Move To Hidden Hills

Durant’s Hidden Hills mansion was reportedly designed with the style of some trendy modern farmhouse architectural designs. However before he got to lay his hands on this trendy Hidden Hills mansion, he decided to sell his Malibu Beachfront property. Seems like the basketball star did not really enjoy his Miami estate as he only had it for a little over a year, he bought the property in April 2018 for $12.05 million and sold it in June 2019 for $12.2 million.

The Malibu mansion the Brooklyn Nets’ power forward sold is a multilevel home and boasts about four bedrooms and a total of six bathrooms spread out over 3 floors with an elevator service for each floor. There is not much information for his Hidden Hills mansion however his Malibu beachfront mansion is extremely sleek and contemporary that has some high ceilings, white walls, French oak floors and skylights. The main living room of the place has a sleek sliding glass doors which opens out straight onto the back deck of his place.

Other Properties in California

Before Kevin Durant owned the $15.6 million mansion in the Hidden Hills, he used to own a property located in Oakland. The 9,084 square foot mansion can be found in the Ridgemont neighborhood of Oakland Hills. The said property was designed by architect Mike Burgess which has about seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms in total. The mansion has some floor to ceiling windows and some stunning glass walls that offers some expansive view of Bay Area. It also has numerous balconies which provide some vantage points in the property. There is also a great room with a beautiful kitchen and dining and living room. The sightlines of the huge backyard of the property and the Bay Area are visible from each of the room. There is a spiral staircase on the property which connects the upper level and lower level of the mansion. There lower level has two apartments which is perfect for the guests staying over at the property of the NBA player since it has two beds with two baths and a studio with a splendid media room.

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