I'm worried because my husband screams and attacks me in his sleep

DEAR DEIDRE: BY night, my partner attacks me in his sleep. The next day, he can’t remember doing it.

He had a rough start in life. His father was an abusive cheat and his mother was an alcoholic, so he left home at 16.

He is 30, I am 29 and we have been together for eight years.

Sometimes he touches me sexually in his sleep, but it is mainly screaming and shouting.

He hits me and holds me down while he is shouting.

I can hear him yelling and screaming even when I am downstairs and or in the bathroom. If I talk to him, he answers like he is awake but he isn’t.

DEIDRE SAYS: It seems his damaging childhood has left deep-rooted fears and distress that are surfacing while he sleeps.

It is scary – and possibly dangerous – for you and he can’t be getting the right quality of sleep.

It is important for both of you that he see his doctor and ask about a referral for psychological help to heal the damage from his early life.

If he is reluctant, go with him to see his GP to explain.

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