‘I’m UK’s most prolific mistress – men are so desperate they give me gifts’

"Britain's most prolific mistress" says men are more "desperate" for her attention than ever.

Gweneth Lee, who has landed relationships with scores of "rich" men over the years, revealed many view her as an "escape" from their everyday lives.

And as a result, the 54-year-old life coach feels "no guilt" about indulging the blokes' wandering eyes. She said: “I’m noticing across the board that men are more lonely now than ever.

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“A lot of the guys I’m seeing have wives who are struggling with dementia or an illness that affects their quality of life – and this makes them feel like they have nobody – but I’m here to distract from that for a moment.

“I’ve had one of my lovers say: ‘I feel like you’re my oxygen when I can’t breathe’ and it’s sweet, as I’m there to support them. But I’m having to practice detachment, as I can’t do anything to help these men past give them an intimate connection and I’m not ready to become a therapist.”

Gweneth, who is currently juggling five married men, believes people have grown disconnected from their relationships. They then turn to her for a bit of comfort.

She explained: “[The new ones] are quite pushy whenever I have spoken with them, so I’ve stopped trying. In general, men are very rude now – it seems like it’s all or nothing – and there appears to be a separation of manners.

“I don’t date anymore, but I have lots of friends who do, and they’ve said single men are aggressive and demanding. One gal pal said that her date kept bragging about how many women he was 'using' in one day and said that if they weren’t attractive, he wouldn’t pay for lunch.

“With married men, it’s different, as they tend to do anything just to see you for a quick catch up away from their daily lives.”

Gweneth, who splits her time between Palm Springs, California, US and London, said some men have become attached to her as a result of her being there for them.

She explained: "I don’t want to become a complication for them, and I do love the emotional connection, but sometimes I have to take a step back.

“One of my lovers recently had to cancel our date as his gravely ill wife was rushed to hospital. He asked me if when she dies, whether I’d help him clean the house, which I agreed to.

“But I have to make sure that I stick as the companion and a ‘safe’ person for them, nothing more.

“The sex is so intimate now on a deeper level, such as lots of face touching, kissing and deep conversations. I even had one of my men cry in front of me recently after we were done.

“It’s sad, but these men have wives who don't know who they are anymore and they can’t speak to any of their family or friends, as they don’t understand them on the same level as a lover would do.

“But then I enter the picture and because I allow these conversations, I’ve found that my lovers are more open with me than before.”

As Gweneth believes she's providing some solace for these chaps, it's only fair she gets something in return. And that's expensive gifts!

She added: “I mostly get candles and perfumes, anything beautiful like that and I know it’ll be the same for Christmas. One of them has just paid thousands for part of my recent trip across Africa and someone before gifted me a car.

“I think regular dating is so boring, so find a rich man and kill two birds with one stone. Being a mistress is about having fun, but also creating a safe haven for both of you to enjoy a little escapism.

“It’s simple. Wife = mother of children, mistress = confidant. I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with no questions or limitations.

“If I’m honest, I love being single – and being the ‘other’ woman.”

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