I’m tempted to cheat on my fiancée because she’s put on too much weight – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: NEXT spring I’m due to marry the woman I thought was the love of my life but our sex life has gone down the tubes since she’s put on some weight.

I’m 33 and she’s 26. When we first got together, I was pinching myself for finding someone so gorgeous. Now I guess my feelings have changed. I don’t fancy her now. My frustration gets worse every day.

I’m friends with a woman at work and we’re flirting like mad.

We get on so well and I’m tempted to cheat. I think she’d be willing to go there.

DEIDRE SAYS: Try to keep away from this woman at work.

Hold on and talk to the poor girl you promised to marry. How she is feeling about the big day?

Is she still keen or is she worried and eating to comfort herself? Suggest the two of you work off your nerves in the gym.

If you can’t discuss sensitive issues like this, you need to be thinking of changing the plan. But don’t cheat. That is avoiding the issue and you must know it is wrong.

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