‘I’m judged for being a hot Playboy model – people wrongly call me stupid’

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A Playboy model says people wrongly assume she's "stupid and vain" – just because she's attractive.

Lindsey Pelas, 31, believes people are judgemental about others who are good looking.

She told Fabulous: "Unfortunately, I do think being beautiful means people don't take you seriously.

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"There's been a lot of my life where I've had to prove that I'm smarter and more talented, [that I'm more] than beautiful. It feels like every day and every interaction."

The American bombshell, who is originally from Louisiana, has risen to the top using her own initiative.

She has made her own fortune – but presumptuous people assume a bloke his paying her through life.

Lindsey explained: "They ask me what my husband or father does for a living.

"A lot of people fully assume that there is a man taking care of me."

The influencer, who has 8.6million Instagram followers, hopes opening up with help to dispel common misconceptions about models.

She blames films and TV shows for making the "pretty girls" seem shallow and cruel.

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Lindsey wants people to stop thinking "that to be beautiful, you must also be stupid" or "mean".

She added: "A lot of people would be surprised that a lot of the most famous glamour models on the internet and in the world are the nicest, most philanthropic, kind intelligent, community-changing, brave people that I've ever met.

"The glamour girls, the girls with the big boobs and big butts and bikinis … these are the people who are investing in their communities, they're trying to make a difference, and it's because they're so used to so much ridicule for being beautiful or having the bravery to wear what they wanted and not shield their beauty.

"It's just the polar opposite of what you would think, and there's certainly a correlation between the beauty on the inside and the beauty on the outside."


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