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WHILE temperatures soar, here's how to avoid spending £800 more on your bills by using this energy expert's tips for staying cool for free.

The mercury climbed to nearly 33C in parts of England this weekend, meaning many of us reached for our fans or fired up the hot tub.

But you might not know that some ways of keeping cool could be costing you a wedge, Uswitch energy expert Sarah Broomfield said.

He reveals that some common summer energy bill mistakes could be costing you £809.

You'll want to try save money on your energy bill this summer before expected price hikes in the winter.

Experts have warned that the price cap will rise this winter pushing up bills to just shy of £3,000 a year on average.

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As other bills from food to fuel spiral too, households up and down the country will be worried about how to pay for essentials.

Here's some simple ways to keep cool without it costing you a penny – and put some cash back in your pocket.

Turn off the fan – save £14

Many will be familiar with the hums and whirs of an electric fan recently, as we all try to keep cool while sleeping.

But you'll want to know what the running costs are to see if it's affordable to keep it on all night this summer.

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"The average fan uses about 40W of power – similar to an old-style light bulb – and will cost you about nine pence a day if you use it for eight hours," Sarah said.

Using it over the five hottest months would cost you roughly £13.68.

But popping your pillowcases in a sealed bag in the freezer for ten minutes before bedtime will help you avoid paying anything at all.

This means you have a nice cool pillow to rest your head on, which should help you get to sleep more comfortably.

Avoid the hot tub- save £700

It might be tempting to take a dip in your tub while the hot weather continues, but they can be big energy guzzlers.

“About a million households are estimated to have a hot tub, but owners need to be conscious of the energy costs associated with them," Sarah warned.

"The average hot tub can add £4.55 a day on average to energy bills — about £140 a month — based on a running time of just 30 minutes a day."

That means that over the summer months, you could be paying an extra £700 on your bills.

Taking a mildly warm shower instead will be much more cost effective.

But make sure you're keeping an eye on the clock – Cutting the length of your shower by just two minutes can save you about £30 a year.

Rethink the paddling pool – £80

Paddling pools can be great fun for the kids when it's hot.

But filling it up could be costly, Sarah said.

"A 10ft pool holds about 5,000 litres of water, equivalent to around 140 showers or 65 baths.

"If you’re on a water meter, it could cost you around £16 to fill."

That means refilling it once a month for five months could cost you £80.

If you really don't want to give up the pool, then avoid refilling it and wasting water by adding sterilising tablets and a filter.

Or if you're watching the pennies, bring the water pistols out of the shed and have a water fight instead to keep cool and have fun.

Ditch the mini fridge – £15

Nothing is more cooling than taking a glug of an ice cold drink while you're having a BBQ.

It could be tempting to plug in the mini drinks fridge to keep your bevvies chilled.

But it could be costing you a small fortune if you're using it regularly.

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"A small drinks fridge that holds 12 bottles will use 53kWh of electricity if it is left on for five months – costing you £15," Sarah said.

Try a big ice bucket instead to keep your drinks cool – this will help you keep costs low in the long-run.

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