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HOLIDAYS are all about relaxing and taking that well-deserved time out from your day-to-day grind.

Before your trip, you might have decided to cut back on some of your favourite treats.

This could be because you want to save cash, but others also do this so they can feel their best while they're away.

Whilst experts have warned against summer holiday dieting, it's natural to feel a little self-conscious when it comes to over indulging on the all-you-can-eat breakfast.

WW nutritionist Harriet Joy said there are some things you can do to take the guilt away and help you get the most out of your holiday.

Here she reveals her six top health hacks to leave you feeling in control whilst still enjoying the culinary delights your destination of choice has to offer.

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1. Make one healthy choice

It's hard to make healthy choices whilst your on holiday, and Harriet said that if you can, make sure that one healthy option is at breakfast.

She explained: "By starting the day with a balanced and plentiful breakfast you'll be set up and less likely to reach for the salty snacks and ice creams mid-morning.

"A fruit-filled breakfast is your best bet, so start with something fresh and cool like melon, and add berries for extra antioxidants.

"It’s a great way to get your vitamins in right at the start of the day too, and will leave you ready for action if you decide to go for a swim or a walk.

"If you’re still hungry after a plate of fruit, go for some healthy protein like an egg, or if it’s a continental breakfast, some ham will do nicely.

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"Only then, if you’re really still peckish, is it time to reach for the pastries! After all, you are on holiday."

2. Try a water chaser

Whether you're on a sunny holiday or you're experiencing cooler climates, hydration is key.

If you're prone to a poolside cocktail though, Harriet said you should consider following every glass of booze with an icy water chaser.

"You can also pop a few ice cubes in your glass of wine or ask for a spritzer, which is often more refreshing anyway. 

"If you don’t drink alcohol, sparkling water is a treat and is great at quenching your thirst.

"Topping up your water intake is actually a great idea when you’re holidaying at home as well.

"A top tip is to keep a flask of water next to your desk or next to the sink, and to set a timer to take a swig at least every hour. It’ll soon become your favourite healthy habit, all year round," she said.

3. Prep

Harriet said that a little goes a long way when it comes to preparation.

Whether it's preparing healthier snacks for the journey or checking the menu of the restaurant you'll visit first, this can help you enjoy what you love.

This, Harriet says, will make you less prone to piling your plate high with every dish on the buffet.

The guru added: "Yes, ‘all you can eat’ buffets sound like a great idea when you’re booking your holiday with the best of intentions, but it’s hard to keep on top of portion sizes when you’re faced with mountains of food.

"One top tip is to plan what you’re going to eat for breakfast and lunch and keep a note of it to help you stick to it.

"You could even tell your friends and family so they hold you accountable!

"Then you can be more relaxed about what you choose when it’s time for your evening meal."

4. Sunlounge snooze

We all love switching off and sleeping on the sunlounger and Harriet says it's fine to do this on your holidays.

If you know you'll need a nap, Harriet says you should stick to having caffeine just in the morning so it doesn't disturb your sunbed slumber which will help boost your mood, protect your heart and even strengthen your immune system.

"It’s well known that people who sleep well are in a better mindset to eat well and move more, instead of reaching for sugary snacks to keep them going," she added.

5. Move

You might not think it, but you actually do a lot of exercise while you're on holiday.

Harriet said: "Whether it's swimming in the sea, playing in the pool, exploring the sights on foot or just walking to the local supermarket, use the fact that you’re away from home to mix up how you move during the day.

"Eating healthily, filling up on fruit and veg, drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep all counts towards you feeling full of energy, so make the most of your time away from work and home by exploring the area or trying an exercise class you haven’t tried before.

"Beach volleyball, aqua aerobics, even some gentle yoga to stretch and relax your body is all brilliant for when you come home rested and ready to maintain your healthy lifestyle for longer."

6. Indulge

Finally, Harriet said while you're away you should enjoy yourself and indulge.

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"The funny thing is, often taking the pressure off means you naturally think about food less anyway.

"There's always time when you return home to reset your goals, to get back on track and build those healthy habits that work for you – ready for your next trip," she added.

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