‘I stopped wearing bras or underwear – it’s normal if your pants are stained’

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    Meet the woman who has urged us all to ditch bras and underwear because they "are not good for you".

    Alaina, who follows a holistic lifestyle, said it's not only a money-saving tip but also a positive change to body.

    "Bras and underwears, why are we wearing them?," she said.

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    "Bras literally cut off the circulation under your boobs and prevent your lymph nodes from flowing and they've been shown to lead to premature sagging.

    "Whether you have boobs or not, like me, bras aren't good for you."

    She also admitted she stopped wearing underwear for years to "let your vagina breathe".

    "The underwear is gonna cause more infection and more bacteria – it's gonna throw off your pH value, especially when you're going to bed," Alaina continued.

    "There's no need to wear underwear to bed, and discharge is normal so stop freaking out about it if it gets in your shorts or your pants."

    Alaina added in the caption: "Haven't worn either in years…think of all the money you will save too! You will never go back."

    Some viewers agreed with her and stopped wearing underwear and bras, as one commented: "I don't wear it either, I love it, it's so much less restricting."

    But some were appalled by the idea.

    "I refuse to walk around with stained clothes if an accident happens," another mentioned.

    One questioned: "How does cotton underwear harm you?"

    Alaina said the "majority of underwear are made with synthetic fibres" but she didn't elaborate why it could "cause more infection and imbalance pH value".

    She defended herself in another post, explaining: "I don't do every single possible thing that I can do in the name of health.

    "There are some things where the pros outweigh the cons – for example, I have tattoos.

    "The consequences of the effects they have on our lymphatic system, natural detox system – the happiness that they bring me and the reminders that they give me outweighs the cons, so I'm gonna do it anyway."


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