I am trying to organise my hen party but even my bridesmaids have cried off – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I AM getting married in May and trying to organise my hen party. But I’m feeling desperately hurt that my friends are all making excuses and letting me down.

We are all in our mid-20s and go back years. I spent hundreds of pounds on friends’ hen nights last year, two of which were abroad.

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Now it’s my turn and I want a spa weekend with a nice dinner for us all. Of course it’s not cheap but I thought they were real friends. Now it seems they just don’t care.

Even two of my bridesmaids have cried off. I feel so hurt leading up to my wedding.

DEIDRE SAYS: Have all those recent hen weekends drained their bank accounts?

These are old friends so you need to be talking with them. Is it the date that’s the problem or are they all skint?

Plan a pampering evening at home and a night down the pub. It isn’t the look of the thing, it’s the friendship that matters the most.

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