How to dye your clothes different colours using everyday items like copper coins and avocado skins

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After this whirlwind of a year, money has become a little tighter and fashion is not always top of the priority list.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t give old clothes a new lease of life – and we have just the hacks you need to do it. From avocado skins to purple grapes, these are the bizarre everyday items that have the ability to permanently dye clothes a whole new colour…

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Copper coins for blue

Did you know that those spare copper pennies or cents at the bottom of your handbag can release a blue tinge when left in water?

How to:

Leave the coins in a jug full of water for as long as a week – depending on how bright you want your colour to be – and then soak your clothes in this liquid for up to another week (though you might find a day or two is enough). Best results are of course on white or light clothing.

Avocado skins for red

Avocado skins are no longer just for the bin, as they actually can create a gorgeous red colour for your old clothes.

How to:

Remove all the avocado flesh and set to once side. Put the skins in a pan and leave to boil.

Once the red dye has released you can now transfer it to a large bowl and add your clothing item to the mixture (be careful not to touch the hot water). Leave it there until it gets to a shade of red you like.

Rinse in cool water before hanging to dry and you’re good to go.

Purple grapes for purple

A punnet of grapes isn't just for your afternoon snack – they can also be used to give your clothes a makeover.

How to:

Place your grapes inside a pair of old tights and add boiling water over them in a bowl. The pigment from the grapes will be drawn out and will leave you with a purple dye. Add the top and leave it to soak overnight before rinsing and drying the next morning.

Rosemary sprigs for yellow

You probably have some of these in the kitchen, and if not, they’re seriously cheap to pick up.

How to:

Boil some water with around five sprigs of rosemary, then once you start to see the water turn yellow, add in your item of clothing. Leave it summer for around 45 minutes and you’ll be left with a new yellow top.

Spinach for turquoise

Spinach is not just good for the gut – it’s also a great DIY ingredient to dye your unwanted clothes with.

How to:

Boil a big pan of water and add a bag of spinach leaves and your chosen item of clothing. Leave the water bubbling for around an hour, which should be enough time for a turquoise colour to seep into the fabric.

Once the hour is up, turn the heat off and leave to cool.

Red cabbage for purple

Red cabbage is your go-to if you want to turn your clothes purple.

How to:

Chop up a cabbage and add the shreds inside your chosen item/s. Move it into a large pot or bowl and cover with warm water. After half an hour your dye will have set and all you need to do is dry the item – it's as easy as that.

Stylist tip: Looking for a more pink colour? Add some vinegar to the water and it will turn to a hot pink colour. Or, if blue is more your kind of hue, add baking soda.

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